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Purchasing 1.00

Purchasing Policy


KRS 164A.560 allows Public Institutions of Higher Education and their affiliated corporations to perform the functions of acquisition of funds, accounting, purchasing and capital construction by regulation.

The Department of Purchasing derives its authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University of Louisville from the Board of Trustees and from the Boards of the affiliated corporations, as regulated by KRS 164A560.

No employees or officers of the University of Louisville, not named in the respective board resolutions, are authorized to make oral or written contracts or binding commitments in the name of the University, regardless of the source of funds.

The Department of Purchasing has the responsibility for the procurement of all goods and services and for making the final determination of source of supply. These decisions will be made in conjunction with the using departments, as appropriate. The Department of Purchasing is to serve as the exclusive channel through which all bids and quotations are handled. The using departments, upon prior approval from the Department of Purchasing, informal prices or in cases where technical details are necessary, the using departments may correspond with suppliers. In such cases, the Department of Purchasing should be provided with copies of all such correspondence. Close communication and coordination between the Department of Purchasing and the using departments must occur.


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