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 Terry Cutler, Buyer Senior; (502) 852-7211.  Handles the following commodities:

Office Supplies; Office Equipment; Software; Software Maintenance; Disaster Recovery Services; Document Storage Services; Instructional Supplies; Laundry Services; Recycling Services; Shredding Services; Training Services; Background Checks; Printing Equipment; Printing Supplies; Printing Services; Athletic Tickets; Photocopying; Film Processing; Sub-Grant Contracts; Testing and Scanning Services; Web Hosting; Moving and Relocation Services; Data Collection and Billing Services.

Bobbi Carlton, Buyer Senior; (502) 852-8215.  Handles the following commodities:

Animal Feed; Chemicals, Medical and Research Gasses/Demurrage; Dental Equipment, Instruments, Lab-Work and Supplies; Laboratory Equipment and Supplies; Lab Casework; Lab Furniture; Lab Research Animals; Scientific Equipment and Supplies; Medical Equipment and Supplies; Veterinary  Equipment and Supplies; Lab, Medical Testing; DNA and Tissue Testing; Microscopes;  Telescopes; Drugs/Pharmaceuticals; Lab, Scientific, Medical Instruments and Analyzers; Hazardous Waste Disposal; Solid Waste Removal; Isotopes; Temporary Services. 

David Jenkins, Material Inventory Operations Manager; (502) 852-8216.  Handles the following commodities:

Copy Paper;  Janitorial Equipment and Supplies.

Lila McGruder, Buyer; (502) 852-8217.  Handles the following commodities:

Computer Equipment (Desktop, Laptop, Scanners, Monitors, Printers, Misc Components); Computer Maintenance; Computer Servers; Copiers/Printers; Maintenance Repairs of Copiers, Fax, Monitors, Computer Access and Printers; Telecom Equipment Maintenance and Supplies; Communications Equipment Maintenance and Supplies; Cell Phones; Pagers; Coaxial and Fiber Optic Cabling; Signage; Billboards; Art; Flowers; Framing; Advertising; Theater Equipment and Supplies; Books; Bookbinding; Diplomas; Graphic Arts Supplies and Design.

Curtis Monroe, C.P.P.B., Assistant Director, Procurement Services; (502) 852-8224.  Handles the following commodities:

Construction, Renovation, Roofing Elevator Projects; Construction Management; Architect and Engineer Services; Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Painting, Masonry, Carpentry, Site Work, Asphalt Services; Building Maintenance; Building Equipment Maintenance and Improvements; Land and Infrastructure Improvements; Asbestos and Soil Remediation's; Roofing, Carpentry, Window, Glass Products; Fire Alarm Systems; Moving and Relocation Services; Insurance; Employee Benefits. 

Vacant, Buyer Senior; (502) 852-8227.  Handles the following commodities:

Audio Visual Equipment, Supplies and Services; Athletic Uniforms Equipment and Supplies; Screen Printing; Travel; Vehicles; Vehicle Rentals; Vehicle Maintenance; Musical Instruments; Shuttle Services; Equipment Rental; Leases; Postal Equipment and Supplies; Entertainment/Event/Meeting Agreements; Hotel Agreements; Awning/Tents; Catering; Pest Control;  Janitorial/Cleaning Services; Uniforms; Towing Services; Window Cleaning; Security Guard Services; Security Equipment and Supplies; Promotional Items, Awards; Fuel; Coal; Appliances; Nutritional Supplies; Medical Apparel; Lab Coats.

Jim WardenBuyer; (502) 852-6248.  Handles the following commodities:

Athletic Scoreboards; Furniture (interior, exterior and conference); Partitions; Lockers; Bike Racks; Auditorium Seating; Bleachers; Material Handling Equipment and Supplies; Snow Removal Services; Landscaping Services, Equipment and Supplies; Generators; Electrical; Insulation; Interior Finishes; Fencing; Drywall; Ceiling Products; Plumbing; Hardware; Paint; Lighting; HVAC and Filter Supplies; Safety Equipment and Supplies; Wall Coverings; Flooring systems and Carpeting; Upholstery; Window Treatments; Mattress; Alcohol Purchases.


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