Internships/Service Learning

Why service learning?

  • Community service fosters self-analysis and understanding.
    "I got involved in a lot of self-esteem work, primarily with teenagers. It helped me think more seriously about my understanding of myself and how others think of me. I began to wonder about what kind of person I was. I began to ask questions of myself," says s student of her service learning experience (Rhoads, 2000). Learning to take the role of the other person, imagining how we appear or might be understood by someone else, works along with one's personal feelings and reactions to create a more developed sense of self.
  • A diverse society needs citizens with a "caring and concerned sense of self "(George Herbert Mead).
    Students learn to see how our social lives are interwoven and realize that a sense of community, collective citizenship and collaboration creates engagement, commitment and hope.
  • Employability is enhanced by new skill setss.

PSYC 407 - Community Internships in Psychology

Click here to download a pdf of other Internship Site/Community Partners for PSYC 407 - Community Internships in Psychology

Resilient Families Project programs:

Students can apply for full course credit through Psyc 407 (Community Internships in Psychology (application attached)) or Psyc 401 (Independent Research in Psychology (application attached)).  

Students may also become engaged through service-learning projects (in Psyc 363 or 372), the honors program, Bonner Leader Program, The Kent School, internship courses in other departments, etc.

Programs take place at Hotel Louisville every Thursday (nearly year-round) from 6:00 - 8:30pm and students must be on-site ~ 5:30 - 9:00pm (or later).  Students involved in internship or independent research courses are also required to attend RFP Lab Meetings on Wednesdays fro 3:30-5:30 on campus.

Students are encouraged to join us for a Thursday evening program to 'shadow' … to explore the fit between their skills and academic/career goals.  Contact to make arrangements.