Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The BA is the program followed by 90% of Psychology majors. It prepares students for most bachelor's level careers as well as graduate school in psychology and other professional domains.Students who are uncertain of which program to choose should select this degree.

The BA in Psychology online program offers the same curriculum and quality of instruction as the campus program. Learn more about the online option, application requirements and deadlines.

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Bachelor of Science (BS)

This degree program is designed to accommodate the needs of majors who intend to pursue careers health or science fields and includes most of the required course work for a pre-med curriculum. This program requires a demanding sequence of supporting classes in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics beyond the introductory level, as well as increased hours of electives in the major. Early difficulty in supporting classes for the BS degree (Bio 240/242, Chem 201/202, Phys 221/222 or Math 205 with grades below a B-) should prompt a reconsideration of the BS program and an immediate consultation with the undergraduate advisor.

Which degree is right for me?

Students earning the BA and BS receive the same fundamental preparation in psychology and are similarly prepared for careers after graduation. The BA degree prepares students for bachelor's level professional work and for application to master's and doctoral graduate programs in psychology, education, social work, occupational therapy, communication disorders, human resources, etc. The BS prepares students for health career graduate education by meeting prerequisite requirements for medical, dental and PA schools and calls for advanced work in biology, chemistry, physics and math. Only students with strong prior background in natural sciences should choose the BS degree. The degrees differ in content rather than level of scholarship.

Minor in Psychology

This degree allows students majoring in other fields to acquire basic core knowledge of psychology.