Kentucky Psychological Association's 32nd Annual Psych Bowl Tournament: 2nd place!

Dear Colleagues:

I write with belated news concerning the Kentucky Psychological Association's 32nd Annual Psych Bowl Tournament, which occurred on Saturday, March 30 on the campus of Asbury University.  Our department was represented by Ashley Batliner, Abby Fischbach, Molly Schroering, and Sara Tucker.  Graduate student Anna Kelley was the coach and Tesnim Arar was assistant coach.  The team advanced to the championship round but was defeated by the team from Thomas More University.  Taking second place in the tournament is no small feat!  We are creating a culture of winning.  Last year we won the championship and this year we were runners up.  If you know any of the players or coaches, please thank them for representing our department.  They put in a lot of work.  There were many cold dark winter nights when the team was assembled in Life Sciences drilling on topics such as Piaget's stages of development and the trichromatic theory of color vision.  They didn't have to be there.  Their dedication is admirable.  We should all be proud of them.

Many thanks also to Dr. Melinda Leonard for sponsoring the team in her capacity as Psi Chi Coordinator!


Dr. Keith Lyle