Dr. Lora Haynes Part of Research Team to Better Understand Homelessness

Dr. Lora Haynes will be part of a team to study and help those experiencing homelessness. 

"Under a $50,000 contract through the Coalition of the Homeless funded by the city, the UofL team will determine national best practices and provide an assessment of the existing continuum of care for individuals experiencing homelessness in Louisville. This gap analysis between the city’s existing services and best practices can provide direction for strategic planning and next steps toward ensuring individuals without stable shelter in Louisville have access to the services and resources they need to find and maintain housing."

"The project will conclude in June 2019 with a comprehensive report that will include recommendations on policies, practices and funding to aid Louisville in progressing toward a reduction in the number of individuals who remain unsheltered."

Read more here: http://www.uoflnews.com/releases/homelessness-study/