Dr. Daniel DeCaro Receives 5-year NSF Grant to Study the Psychological Processes Involved in Societal Cooperation and Resource Management

Dr. Daniel DeCaro, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Urban & Public Affairs and Psychological & Brain Sciences, has received a 5-year $690,551 research grant from the National Science Foundation's Decision, Risk, & Management Sciences Program. The grant will fund research examining the psychological processes involved in societal cooperation and management of valuable, but limited, natural resources, such as water, oil, and forests. This project continues the work Dr. DeCaro began with Nobelist Dr. Elinor Ostrom at Indiana University (Bloomington), investigating the psychological processes involved in self-governance (democratic, citizen-lead governance). In addition to providing research support, the grant will fund an interdisciplinary PhD student and develop a podcast series to share the results and societal implications with the general public. This research is being conducted with collaborators Dr. Marco Janssen and Allen Lee (Arizona State University), and Sara Clark (Indiana University - Bloomington).
Dr. DeCaro directs the Social Decision Making and Sustainability Lab: https://louisville.edu/psychology/d-DeCaro  
More information about the grant can be found here: