Congratulations to our December PhD recipients!

Congratulations to our six students who received their PhDs and will be graduating in the December ceremony!

David  Bellinger (Advisor: Marci DeCaro), dissertation title: “Learning from science lectures: Students remember more and make better inferences when they complete skeletal outlines compared to other guided notes”

Kate Godwin (Advisor: Paul DeMarco), dissertation title: “ Impact of Luminance and Spatial Parameters on the Generation of the Human Pattern Electroretinogram”

Nicholas Holt (Advisor: Cara Cashon), dissertation title: “Mechanisms Responsible for the Development of Causal Perception in Infancy”

Brian Ludwin (Advisor: Suzanne Meeks), dissertation title: “Nurses’ Intentions to Initiate an Antipsychotic or Behavioral Intervention with Nursing Home Residents: The Role of Norms, Being Evaluated, Self-Efficacy, Time Pressures, and Staffing”

Whitney Rebholz (Advisor: Sandra Sephton), dissertation title: “Distress, Circadian Rhythms, Immunity, and Survival in Pre-Surgical Breast Cancer Patients

Allyn Richards (Advisor: Janet Woodruff-Borden), dissertation title: “A Culturally-Sensitive Cognitive Model of Worry in African American Youth”