Principal Investigator:

Suzanne Meeks, Ph.D. (link to faculty page)

Graduate Students:

Brian Ludwin is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in clinical psychology and is completing his predoctoral internship at the VA Boston Healthcare System with an emphasis in geropsychology. He received a B.A. in psychology from Miami University and a B.S. in nursing from Emory University, and worked as a bone marrow transplant nurse at Duke University Medical Center. His research is focused on conceptualizing nursing home providers’ use of psychosocial and pharmacological interventions for managing dementia-related behaviors from a social-cognitive and behavioral perspective, and aims to establish an empirical basis for the development of approaches that enhance nursing home staff’s use of psychosocial interventions. He enjoys spending time with his family and dog, hiking, and reading.




Ron Smith is a third-year student in the Aging and Mental Health Lab. He is originally from Florida. He obtained his B.S. in Psychology from The University of Florida, then completed a research PhD at the University of Sydney in Australia, studying dementia care and environmental design. He currently studies the mental health of older adults and is interested in improving access to care, care practices, and treatment of mental health issues within the healthcare sector and the community.  Ron is a student-clinician at the Psychological Services Center on U of L’s Belknap campus and also is engaged in clinical work at two practicum sites: Kindred Rehab Wedgewood Nursing Home and Central State Hospital, an inpatient psychiatric hospital.





Nate Andrew is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Milligan College in northeast Tennessee with a bachelor's of science in psychology and business management. His research interests include social needs of older adults in long-term care, loneliness, and various constructs related to person-centered care. Outside of work, he enjoys sports, spending time outdoors, running, and playing music. His career interests are open to both research and clinical work.




Jacinta Dickens is originally from California.  Her research interests include the mental health of older adults in long term care facilities and correctional institutions.  Outside of work she enjoys foreign films, hiking, and performing arts.




    Undergraduate Students & Volunteers:


      Alicia Hart is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville who majored in Psychology and minored is English. She is most interested in the impact of childhood trauma and hopes to attain her Psy.D. after finishing her bachelor’s degree.






      Haley Davis is a sophomore who is passionate about working with people with dementia.  She hopes to become a neurologist or psychiatric nurse, focusing on dementia.  She enjoys cats, reading classic novels, and baking.




      Leslie Hodges is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville and majored in psychology. She aspires to obtain a masters in Clinical Psychology.





      Darrian Evans is a senior majoring in psychology.  She is interested in counseling youth and after graduation plans to attend graduate school and to stay involved in the community.  She believes that her ultimate calling is to make a difference in the lives of youth, especially minorities.





      Justice Wood is a senior Undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville. His major is Psychology with a focus in Natural Sciences. He very much enjoys learning and expanding his knowledge base, and the process of understanding unfamiliar concepts and ideas. He is extremely interested in the intricate functionality of the many known (and unknown) structures of the human brain, and how they directly relate to observable behaviors.





      Frane Santic is an undergraduate senior psychology major.  He would like to work in Clinical Psychology, particularly in treating anxiety and depression.  He is interesting in pursuing a PhD in psychology after graduation.  His interests include reading comics, watching Netflix, and just relaxing.  



            Kelly Shryock obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology and studio art from Centre College and her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.  Her experiences include working as a psychotherapist at a traumatic brain injury clinic, providing educational assistance to medical students, and serving as a disability rights advocate.  She enjoys knitting, baking bread, and hiking.