Suzanne Meeks, PhD

Chair and Professor

Portrait of Suzanne Meeks

Life Sciences Building, 315-A

(502) 852-6068

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Life Sciences Building, 107/111

(502) 852-5950

Aging and Mental Health Lab


  • Ph.D. Catholic University of America, 1985

Research Interest

Mental health in late life, especially depression and other disorders in long-term care settings.

Selected Publications

  • Meeks, S., Teri, L., Van Haitsma, K., & Looney, S.W. (2006). Increasing pleasant events in the nursing home: Collaborative behavioral treatment for depression. Clinical Case Studies, 5, 287-304.
  • Meeks, S., Moore, N.G., & Edwards, J.F. (2006). Art, wellness, and innovation: Heads Up Kentucky! puts psychology’s contribution to healthy living in the public eye. Professional Psychology: Science and Practice, 37, 467-471.
  • *Burton, E.J., *Chaneb, B.J., & Meeks, S. (2007). Factors related to coping with severe mental illness in the latter half of life. Clinical Gerontologist, 30, 79-91.
  • Meeks, S., *Young, C. M., & Looney, S.W. (2007). Activity participation and affect among nursing home residents: Support for a behavioral model of depression. Aging and Mental Health, 11, 751-760.
  • Meeks, S., Looney, S.W., Van Haitsma, K., & Teri, L. (2008). BE-ACTIV: a staff-assisted, behavioral intervention for depression in nursing homes. The Gerontologist, 48, 105-114.
  • Meeks, S., Sublett, R.L., *Kostiwa, I.M., *Rodgers, J.R., & Haddix, D. (2008) Treating depression in the prison nursing home: Demonstrating research-to-practice translation. Clinical Case Studies, 7, 555-574.
  • *Kostiwa, I.M., & Meeks, S. (2009). Nursing home as work environment: The relation between psychological empowerment, perceived service quality, and job satisfaction. Clinical Gerontologist, 32, 276-292.
  • Meeks, S., *Shah, S., & *Ramsey, S. (2009). The Pleasant Events Scale – Nursing Home version: A useful tool for behavioral interventions in long-term care. Aging and Mental Health, 13, 445-455.
  • *Rodgers, J.R., & Meeks, S. (2009). The home and personal hygiene scale: A brief scale for rating functioning in severe mental illness. Clinical Gerontologist.
  • Preminger, J., & Meeks, S. (In Press). The influence of mood on the perception of hearing-loss related quality of life in people with hearing loss and their significant others. International Journal of Audiology.
  • Preminger, J., & Meeks, S. (In Press). An evaluation of an audiologic rehabilitation program for spouses of people with hearing loss. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.
  • Meeks, S., & Looney, S.W. (In Press). Depressed nursing home residents’ activity participation and positive affect as a function of staff positive engagement. Behavior Therapy.

Courses Often Taught


  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Mental Health and Aging


  • Introduction to Clinical Assessment
  • Mental Health and Aging