Benjamin Mast, PhD

Associate Professor

Portrait of Benjamin Mast

Life Sciences Building, 322-B

(502) 852-3280

(502) 852-8904


Life Sciences Building, 123/113

(502) 852-3542

Aging and Neuropsychology Lab


  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Wayne State University
  • B.A. Psychology, Calvin College

Research Interest

Dementia, late life depression, geriatric assessment, Alzheimer's disease.


  • Mast, B.T. (2011). Whole Person Dementia Assessment. Health Professions Press. Baltimore, MD.

Selected Publications

  • Mast, B.T. (2012). Methods for assessing the person with Alzheimer's disease: Integrating person-centered and diagnostic approaches to assessment. Clinical Gerontologist, 35, 360-375.
  • Mast, B.T., Yochim, B., Carmasin, J., & Rowe, S.V. (2012). Vascular depression: a neuropsychological perspective. In (F. López-Muñoz and C. Álamo, Eds) Neurobiology of Depression (Frontiers in Neuroscience Book Series). CRC Press, Taylor & Francis.
  • Margrett, J., Mast, B.T., Isales, C., Poon, L.W., & Cohen-Mansfield, J. (2011). Cognitive functioning and vitality among the oldest old: implications for well-being. In L.W. Poon & J. Cohen-Mansfield (Eds.) Understanding Well-Being in the Oldest Old. Cambridge University Press.
  • Mast, B.T. (2010). Vascular depression: cardiovascular implications for mental health. In K.E. Whitfield (Ed.) Annual Review of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 30, 135-154.
  • Holley, C.K., & Mast, B.T. (2010). Predictors of anticipatory grief in dementia caregivers. Clinical Gerontologist, 33, 223-236.
  • Mast, B.T., & Gerstenecker, A. (2010). Cognitive screening and brief batteries for dementia. In P.A. Lichtenberg (Ed.) Handbook of Assessment in Clinical Gerontology. Elsevier.

Courses Often Taught

  • Clinical Geropsychology
  • Adult Neuropsychology
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Intro to Clinical Psychology
  • Assessment