Experimental Psychology Ph.D.

Grad student presenting research at Cognitive Development Society biennial meeting 2015

What Do Experimental Psychologists Do?

Experimental psychologists conduct research to better understand human and animal behavior. Their scientific findings provide insights that improve teaching and learning methods, promote healthy child development and improve visual and hearing aids, to list a few examples.

Experimental Psychology PhD at UofL

The Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Louisville is designed to prepare students for careers in academic, clinical, and applied research settings as well as industry positions involving psychological science, data analysis, and management. Our students are trained in core areas of psychology, research design and methods, data analysis, teaching, and oral and written communication, all of which makes our students highly employable. If you would like to learn about the various career paths that our alumni have taken, please visit our Alumni Positions page.  

Did you know?

  • In our program, students work closely with a research mentor throughout the program.
  • All students in good standing in the program receive an assistantship that provides tuition, health insurance, and a stipend of $22,000 per year (paid across 12 months) for four years! 
  • Minority scholarships are available to qualified students from underrepresented groups from UofL!
  • UofL was ranked FIRST among 500+ public colleges and universities for meeting the needs of African-American students by the USC Race and Equity Center!
  • UofL has received national awards for its support of the LGBTQ community, and Louisville again earned a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign!
  • UofL recently welcomed Dr. Neeli Bendapudi as President. @PresNeeli is our first female President and first person of color as President.
  • Louisville is a fun, yet livable city with a below average cost of living!