For Students

We are currently looking for motivated to undergraduate and post-baccalaureate volunteers to work in the lab in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. For undergraduates, this represents an opportunity to earn valuable research experience and mentoring, with the possibility of earning course credit in future semesters. For volunteers who have already earned undergraduate degrees, volunteering with the KID lab will provide you with an opportunity to develop your research skills and earn research experience that will strengthen your portfolio, whether you're looking to start a new career or apply to graduate programs.

Strong candidates for KID lab volunteer positions are:

  • Reliable, energetic, detail oriented and LOVE working with children
  • Available for at least a 3 hour block of time during the day on two different days of the week
  • Willing to commit to at least two semesters of work in the lab

To apply, fill out this form and submit it via email.