Judith Danovitch, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Director of Undergraduate Studies


  • PhD Psychology, Yale University, 2005
  • AB Psychology and Biology, Harvard University, 2000

    Research Interests

    How children seek out and evaluate knowledge throughout their development

    Representative Publications

             Mills, C. M., Danovitch, J. H., Rowles, S. P., & Campbell, I. L. (in press). Children’s success at detecting circular explanations and their interest in future learning. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.

    Danovitch, J. H., & Mills, C. M. (2014). How familiar characters influence children’s judgments about information and products. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 128, 1-20.

    Danovitch, J. H. & Alzahabi, R. (2013). Children show selective trust in technological informants. Journal of Cognition and Development, 14, 499-513.

    Danovitch, J. H., & Keil, F. C. (2008). Young Humeans: The role of emotions in children’s evaluation of moral reasoning abilities. Developmental Science, 11, 33-39.

    Danovitch, J. H., & Keil, F. (2004). Should you ask a fisherman or a biologist?: Developmental shifts in ways of clustering knowledge.Child Development, 75, 918-931.

    For a complete list of publications, see click here.

      Dr. Danovitch is accepting new graduate students. Please contact her directly for more information.