Center for Research in Human Development and Learning

 Lancaster University,  UK

Centre for Infant Cognition

University of British Columbia, Canada

Cognition, Learning, and Developmental Lab

University of Notre Dame,

Cognitive Development Lab

Indiana University

Cognitive Development Laboratory

University of Manitoba, Canada

Concordia Infant Research Lab

Concordia University, Canada

DeLTA Center

University of Iowa


Cardiff University, UK

The Developing Mind Lab

University of Oregon

Institute of Child Development

Texas Christian University

Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory

Cornell University, NY

Infant & Child Cognition Center

Penn State, Brandywine

Baby Lab

University of Massachusetts, Boston


Anna Freud Center, London

Infant Lab

University of Georgia

Infant Language Project

University of Delaware

Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Development

Wellesley College, Massachusetts

Language and Category Development Laboratory

University of Iowa

Social Cognitive Development Lab

University of British Columbia, Canada

Social Kids Lab/Social Space Lab

University of Wisconsin

Tigger Lab: Child Cognition Lab

University of Arizona

Temple Infant Lab

Temple University, PA

Think Lab

University of Texas, Dallas

UCLA Baby Lab


William and Mary Child Research Center

College of William and Mary


University of Sussex, UK

Local Developmental Resources