About Us

The Infant Cognition Lab at the University of Louisville was established in Fall 2006. We conduct research to further our understanding of what infants and toddlers know about the world around them and how they develop. Our goal is better improve this knowledge to benefit society, for example, so that parents can better know what to expect of their babies or so that practitioners can detect developmental issues early on. To learn about infants and toddlers, we use a variety of simple behavioral measures, such as: recording how long infants look at pictures or short videos, recording their scanning patterns using modern eye-tracking technology, or observing infants in a natural environment. Whether you are a parent interested in participating in one of our studies, a student hoping to get involved in our research, or someone who is simply curious, we hope you enjoy visiting our site and will contact us if you have any questions!

Cara Cashon, Ph.D.