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Vision Statement

Educational Excellence

The University of Louisville will be a university of first choice for students who wish to excel in the classroom and in life. Students will learn to be competent, mature, and critical thinkers; responsible, informed citizens; creative, involved and productive members of society. Our graduates will be prepared for responsible citizenship, for success in their chosen professions and for leadership roles within their communities.

Students will learn from a faculty dedicated to and rewarded for its excellence in teaching and scholarship; a faculty engaged in continuous development of effective and innovative pedagogy. The student body will be a mix of ages, races, cultures, and backgrounds committed to treating all people with dignity and respect. Students will learn to think as members of a global community.

The campuses will be served by an outstanding staff that is dedicated to a rich educxational experience for our students. Students will be engaged in a vibrant campus life with a variety of activities – curricular, co-curricular, social and cultural with students engaged in the full range of university life. The curricular activities offered will be responsive to the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

UofL will be recognized among the nation’s foremost public metropolitan research universities with a faculty of distinction who have outstanding national and international reputations in areas of research and other scholarly activities. These scholars will serve as outstanding mentors for undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as postdoctoral scholars. UofL will achieve and maintain excellence in selected disciplines and will develop novel niche and interdisciplinary research foci that will rapidly gain national prominence.

Interdisciplinary and collaborative research will draw on and support the scholarship of many disciplines, including the arts, humanities, social sciences and others without traditional access to extensive research funding. These disciplines will be recognized as critical components of success in discovery research and civic engagement. UofL will have a national reputation for translational and applied research that both stimulates the educational experience and provides rapid delivery of the benefits of discovery and creativity to the public. Excellence in research will be translated to solutions for problems and to meet community needs.

Discoveries of UofL scholars will generate intellectual property, and UofL will assist such scholars in bringing ideas to the marketplace for the benefit of the public, the inventor and the university. The research enterprise of the university will be funded from financial rewards from these activities as well as from strong support from government and foundation granting agencies and creative development strategies will fund the research enterprise of the university.

Community Engagement – transforming the region

UofL will be known as a leading citizen of Louisville and Kentucky, transforming the region and adapting to the realities of its third century. UofL will be a national model for its engagement in the life of its metropolitan area, the Commonwealth, the nation and the world. Through strategic alliances and partnerships with public and private groups, UofL will share its expertise, interest and scholarship as an involved citizen. UofL and its Center for Urban Solutions, working with the Kentucky League of Cities will help transform cities, towns and suburban areas regionally and statewide, and will be a national model for meeting challenges and pursuing opportunities. Through its Signature Partnership UofL will transform areas of West Louisville, decreasing disparities in educational, economic, social and health care opportunities.

Faculty, staff and students will use these interactions to provide educational opportunities at UofL and as a vehicle for translational and applied research of university scholars. UofL will be a magnet for outstanding students and scholars whose discoveries and creativity will be translated into academic and educational excellence, economic opportunity, improved quality of life and cultural enrichment.

UofL scholars and practitioners in the health care delivery and public health system will provide first class care to the people of Louisville and will serve as a magnet, attracting patients from the extended region seeking the very best in specialized health care. UofL innovations will be quickly transferred to practice, and will attract talented people to form new companies, employment, products and services.

Cultural diversity, social justice and opportunity

UofL will be known as a center of learning and scholarship that actively welcomes people. The university community will understand that we have much more in common with each other than we have differences, and that cultural diversity enriches the educational experience through the variety of life experiences brought by people different from one’s self. UofL will embrace the diversity of its people, recognizing the varied backgrounds in this diverse community of scholars. UofL will be known for its diverse population, including international students and scholars, people with mobility and communication challenges, and people of all ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, and religions.

Students will understand the social and cultural differences among peoples and cultures and will learn to think on a global scale, realizing that one’s lifelong frame of reference is but one of many. Diversity and social justice will be made manifest not only in university administrative practice and policy, but will be a part of the core enterprises of the university; teaching, research and service.

In matters of civic engagement, faculty staff and students will blend these enterprise goals with attention to just and equitable opportunities for all people in society, and sustainable and just social and economic development.

Creative and responsible stewardship of all resources

UofL will be an institution of uncommon ambition, dedicated to accomplishing its mission by wise use of its resources. The most important of these resources are its people: the students, alumni, staff, faculty, administrators and friends who make up the university community. UofL will grow by attracting outstanding talent to its region while developing the capabilities of its community members so that all achieve their highest potential.

The capabilities of this community will be used to create new ideas, and to devise and implement action plans for achievement of excellence in education, scholarship, civic service and engagement. The UofL community will also serve as a leader in providing opportunity and in persuading others to join, support and help the university achieve its goals. In all of its actions, UofL and its people will adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct.

In management of its physical resources, the university will be efficient and effective, responsive to the needs of those it serves and creative in achieving its mission-centered, strategic goals. The university and its people will operate using the principles of responsible self-governance, transparency in operation and accountability to those it serves.

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