Social & Behavioral Sciences


Content Area(s)Competency Area
ANTH 201Intro Cultrl AnthroSBCD2
ANTH 203Intro World PrehistorySBCD2
ANTH 204Intro to ArchaeologySBCD1
*ANTH 205Music in World CulturesSBCD1
CJ 200Crime & Justice in the U.S.SB
CJ 201Law Enforcement in U.S.SB
CJ 202Corrections in the U.S.SB
COMM 201Intro to CommunicationSB
ECON 201Principles of MicroeconomicsSB
ECON 202Principles of MacroeconomicsSB
EDTP 201The Teaching ProfessionSB
GEOG 200Human GeographySB
HIST 101Hist-Civilizations ISB
HIST 102Hist-Civilizations IISB
HIST 105HON: Hist Civilizatns ISB
HIST 106HON: Hist Civilizatns IISB
HON 212Topics: Hist & Oral CommOC, SB
HON 214Topics: Socs & Oral CommOC, SB
HON 216Topics: Hist & Writ CommSB, WC
HON 218Topics: Socs & Writ CommSB, WC
HSS 293Soc & Psy Dim Phy ActSBCD2
*MUH 205Music in World CulturesSBCD1
PAS 200Intro to PASSBCD1
PAS 206Intro Caribbean StudiesSBCD2
PAS 227Survey American DiversitySBCD1
PHUN 101Intro to Public HealthSB
POLS 201Fund of Amer GovernmentSB
POLS 202Intro Comparative PoliticsSB
POLS 299Honors Intro Political ScienceSB
PSYC 201Introduction to PsychologySB
SOC 201Intro to SociologySB
SOC 202Social ProblemsSBCD2
SOC 203Intro to Social PsychologySB
SOC 210Race in the U.S.SBCD1
SW 201Introduction to Social WorkSB
SW 202Family RelationshipsSB

 Bold type indicates changes (effective Summer 2017)

* Crosslisted Courses 

OC = Oral Communication
SB = Social & Behavioral Science
WC = Written Communication


CD1 = Cultural Diversity 1: African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American ethnicities (3 hours minimum)
CD2 = Cultural Diversity 2: Other ethnic groups or minorities