Natural Sciences



Content Area(s)
ANTH 202Intro Bio Anth S
ANTH 206Prin of ArchaeologyB
ANTH 207Principles Bio Anth
BIOL 102Intro Biological SystemsS
BIOL 104Lab Intro Biol SystemsSL
BIOL 240Unity of LifeS
BIOL 242Diversity of LifeS
BIOL 244Prin Biology LabSL
BIOL 257Intro to MicrobiologyS
BIOL 258Intro Microbiology LabSL
BIOL 263Environmental BiologyS
CHEM 101Intro to ChemistryS
CHEM 103Intro Chemistry LabSL
CHEM 105Chem for Health ProfessnS
CHEM 201General Chemistry IS
CHEM 202General Chemistry IIS
CHEM 207Intro to Chem Analysis ISL
CHEM 208Intro to Chem Analysis IISL
CHEM 209Intro to Chem Analysis IIISL
CHEM 210Intro to Chem Analysis IVSL
GEOS 200The Global EnvironmentS
GEOS 218Global Environment LabSL
*GEOS 219Meteorology LabSL
*GEOS 220Contp Issues—MeteorologyS
HSS 387BiomechanicsS
PHYS 107Elementary AstronomyS
PHYS 108Elem Astronomy LabSL
PHYS 111Elements of Physics (4 credit hrs)B
*PHYS 219Meteorology LabSL
*PHYS 220Contp Issues—MeteorologyS
PHYS 221Fund of Physics IS
PHYS 222Fund of Physics IIS
PHYS 223Fund of Physics Lab ISL
PHYS 295Intro Laboratory ISL
PHYS 298Intro Mech, Heat & SoundS
PHYS 299Intro Elec, Mag & LightS
PHZB 215Intr Biomed SciS

Bold type indicate changes (effective Summer 2017)


S = Science
SL = Science Lab
B = Built-in Lab