Cultural Diversity Courses


Students must take 6 hours in courses designated Cultural Diversity (CD1 and CD2) , at least 3 hours of which will focus on persons of African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American ancestry (CD1 courses).

CD1 Courses: African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Native American ethnicities (3 hours minimum)

Content Area(s)Competency Area
ANTH 204Intro to ArchaeologySBCD1
*ANTH 205Music in World CulturesSBCD1
*ANTH 323Cultures of AfricaCD1
*ARTH 290Survey of Asian ArtACD1
*ARTH 33520th C Chinese Arts & ArchCD1
*ARTH 341Survey of African ArtCD1
*ARTH 343Afr-Amer Art to 1920CD1
*ARTH 344Afr-Amer Art: 1920-PresCD1
*ARTH 349Contemp African Amer Art - WRCD1
*AST 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
*AST 290Survey of Asian ArtACD1
*AST 33020th C Chinese Arts & ArchCD1
*AST 335China Though FilmCD1
*AST 340So. Asian Rel & CultureCD1
*AST 351Chinese Lit in Trans ICD1
*CHST 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
CHST 335China Though FilmCD1
CHST 351Chinese Lit in Trans ICD1
CJ 300Career Develop & CultureCD1
COMM 275African American CommCD1
COMM 325Communicating Hip Hop CultureCD1
*COMM 326Afr-Americans: Amer MediaCD1
*ENGL 342Black Women Novelists - WRCD1
ENGL 369Minority Trads Amer LitCD1
ENGL 423Afr-Am Lit 1845-Pres - WRCD1
HIST 317Afro-Am Exper WartimeCD1
*HIST 319Afr-Amer Hist ICD1
*HIST 320Afr-Amer Hist IICD1
HIST 333Latin American WomenCD1
HUM 152Cultures of AmericaHCD1
HUM 216Intro to World ReligionsHCD1
*HUM 217Intro Indigenous ReligHCD1
HUM 307East Asian CulturesCD1
HUM 341So. Asian Rel & CultureCD1
*HUM 349African Americans & IslamCD1
*HUM 377African American ReligionCD1
*HUM 378Afr-Amer ExperienceCD1
LALS 200Exploring Latin AmericaHCD1
LALS 310Intro Lat Am StudiesCD1
LALS 311Intro Latino StudiesCD1
LALS 313Panamanian CultureCD1
ML 260Intro Hisp CultureHCD1
ML 261Cultures of SpainHCD1
*ML 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
*MUH 205Music in World CulturesSBCD1
*MUH 214African American MusicACD1
*MUH 218Survey of American JazzACD1

NURS 344

Community Health Nursing (formerly NURS 361)CD1

NURS 470Community Health NursingCD1
PAS 200Intro to PASSBCD1
PAS 204Intro to African StudiesCD1
PAS 205Color & ConsciousnessCD1
*PAS 214African American MusicACD1
*PAS 217Intro Indigenous ReligHCD1
*PAS 218Survey of American JazzACD1
PAS 227Survey American DiversitySBCD1
PAS 247Lang Protest & Glob CommCD1
PAS 272Reggae & Black LiberationACD1
PAS 273R&B RevolutionACD1
*PAS 308Contemp African Amer Art - WRCD1
*PAS 310Afr-Amer Art to 1920CD1
*PAS 311Afr-Amer Art: 1920-PresCD1
*PAS 312Afr-Americans: Amer MediaCD1
*PAS 315Theatre of African WorldCD1
*PAS 317African American ReligionCD1
*PAS 319Afr-Amer Hist ICD1
*PAS 320Afr-Amer Hist IICD1
PAS 327Politics/Black CommunityCD1
PAS 329Slave Trade and SlaveryCD1
PAS 335Survey Afr-Amer EducationCD1
PAS 340African-American LitCD1
PAS 341Black Film & LiteratureCD1
*PAS 342Black Women Novelists - WRCD1
*PAS 349African Americans & IslamCD1
*PAS 350Af-Am Wom in Theatre - WRCD1
*PAS 353Acting Blk ExperienceCD1
*PAS 355Cult Diversity PerfCD1
*PAS 356Hist Afr-Amer Theatre - WRCD1
*PAS 364Racism and Sexism CD1
*PAS 367Blk Dramatic LitCD1
*PAS 378Afr-Amer ExperienceCD1
*PAS 381Survey of African ArtCD1
*PAS 383Cultures of AfricaCD1
PHIL 319Phil Race and RacismCD1
POLS 315Race, Law and PoliticsCD1
POLS 327African American PoliticsCD1
POLS 465Chinese CultureCD1
SOC 210Race in the U.S.SBCD1
SW 303Generalist Practice ICD1
*TA 322Acting Blk ExperienceCD1
*TA 326Cult Diversity PerfCD1
TA 357Intro Hip-Hop Theater - WRCD1
*TA 363Af-Am Wom in Theatre - WRCD1
*TA 365Theatre of African WorldCD1
*TA 366Hist Afr-Amer Theatre - WRCD1
*TA 367Blk Dramatic LitCD1
WGST 333Latin American WomenCD1
*WGST 342Black Women Novelists - WRCD1
*WGST 347Racism and Sexism CD1
*WGST 380Af-Am Wom in Theatre - WRCD1


CD2 Courses: Other ethnic groups and minorities

Content Area(s)Competency Area
ANTH 201Intro Cultrl AnthroSBCD2
ANTH 203Intro World PrehistorySBCD2
*ANTH 317Anthropology of ChinaCD2
*AST 317Anthropology of ChinaCD2
COMM 440Intercultural Comm - WRCD2
ENGL 368Minority Trads Engl LitsCD2
*ENGL 373Women in LiteratureCD2
*ENGL 374Gender & Children’s LitCD2
GEOG 300Globalization & DiversityCD2
*HIST 324Hist of Women 1700-PresCD2
HIST 361Mod Jewish Hist 20th CenCD2
HIST 363Russian History ICD2
HIST 364Russian History IICD2
HIST 385Russian Cultural Hist - WRCD2
*HIST 387The HolocaustCD2
HSS 293Soc & Psy Dim Phy ActSBCD2
*HSS 364Women’s Health IssuesCD2
HSS 418Diver Pop in Phy Act HltCD2
HUM 218Intro Eastern ReligionsHCD2
HUM 219Intro Western ReligionsHCD2
HUM 224Intro to FilmHCD2
HUM 315Alternative JudaismsCD2
*HUM 331Hum Persp on Sex RolesCD2
HUM 339Studies World MythologyCD2
*HUM 387The HolocaustCD2
ITP 115Deaf CultureCD2
ML 250Intro Francophone WorldHCD2
MUH 217History of Country MusicACD2
MUH 317Popular Music in American CultureCD2
*MUH 320Women in Music: A HistoryCD2
PAS 206Intro Caribbean StudiesSBCD2
*PAS 207Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2
PAS 346African Lang in DiasporaCD2
*PHIL 207Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2
PHIL 219Sex and ValuesHCD2
PHIL 315Asian PhilosophyCD2
*PHIL 318Philosophy and FeminismCD2
POLS 349Comp Political Culture - WRCD2
SOC 202Social ProblemsSBCD2
WGST 201Women in Amer CultureHCD2
WGST 202Gender in Visual StudiesACD2
*WGST 207Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2
*WGST 303Hum Persp on Sex RolesCD2
*WGST 320Women in Music: A HistoryCD2
*WGST 325Women in LiteratureCD2
*WGST 326Gender & Children’s LitCD2
*WGST 331Hist of Women 1700-PresCD2
*WGST 360Philosophy and FeminismCD2
*WGST 364Women’s Health IssuesCD2
WGST 395Women Media & CultureCD2

Bold type indicates changes (effective Summer 2017)

*Crosslisted Courses

A = Arts
H = Humanities
SB = Social & Behavioral Sciences

CD1 = Cultural Diversity 1: African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Native American ethnicities (3 hours minimum)
CD2 = Cultural Diversity 2: Other ethnic groups or minorities


WR = Writing Intensive Courses: The College of Arts and Sciences requires each student obtaining a degree in the college to complete two specifically designated writing courses (WR) at the 300-level or above. This college programmatic requirement is in addition to the university-wide general education WC requirement (ENGL 101 and 102 or equivalent). These upper-level WR courses may both be taken in the major and may fulfill other college or general education requirements. One WR course may be in a language other than English. Courses approved for upper-level WR credit list the letters after their titles. Please consult with your advisor for further detail.