Arts & Humanities


Content Area(s)Competency Area
ART 200Studio Art & Vis CultureA
ARTH 203Introduction to ArtA
ARTH 250Ancient to Medieval ArtA
ARTH 270Renaissance through Mod ArtA
*ARTH 290Survey of Asian ArtACD1
*AST 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
*AST 290Survey of Asian ArtACD1
*CHST 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
EDTP 245Children’s LiteratureH
ENGL 250Intro to LiteratureH
HON 211Topics: Arts & Oral CommA, OC
HON 213Topics: Hum & Oral CommH, OC
HON 215Topics: Arts & Writ CommA, WC
HON 217Topics: Hum & Writ CommH, WC
HUM 101World Literature to 1700H
HUM 102World Literature After 1700H
HUM 151Creativity & the ArtsA
HUM 152Cultures of AmericaHCD1
HUM 215Intro to Study of ReligionH
HUM 216Intro to World ReligionsHCD1
*HUM 217Intro Indigenous ReligHCD1
HUM 218Intro Eastern ReligionsHCD2
HUM 219Intro Western ReligionsHCD2
HUM 224Intro to FilmHCD2
LALS 200Exploring Latin AmericaHCD1
ML 250Intro Francophone WorldHCD2
ML 260Intro Hisp CultureHCD1
ML 261Cultures of SpainHCD1
*ML 270Chinese ContributionsHCD1
MUH 204Music in Western CivA
MUH 212History of Rock & RollA
*MUH 214African American MusicACD1
MUH 217History of Country MusicACD2
*MUH 218Survey of American JazzACD1
MUH 230Dance/Music in Society/CultA
*PAS 207Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2
PAS 210Intro to Pan-African LitH
*PAS 214African American MusicACD1
*PAS 217Intro Indigenous ReligHCD1
*PAS 218Survey of American JazzACD1
PAS 272Reggae & Black LiberationACD1
PAS 273R&B RevolutionACD1
PHIL 205Intro to PhilosophyH
PHIL 206Philosophy in Lit & FilmH
*PHIL 207*Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2
PHIL 211Critical ThinkingH
PHIL 219Sex and ValuesHCD2
PHIL 222Contmp Ethical ProblemsH
TA 207Enjoyment of TheatreA
WGST 201Women in Amer CultureHCD2
WGST 202Gender in Visual StudiesACD2
*WGST 207*Phil and Cultural DiverHCD2


Bold type indicates changes (effective Summer 2017)

* Crosslisted

A = Arts
H = Humanities
OC = Oral Communication
WC = Written Communication

CD1 = Cultural Diversity 1: African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American ethnicities (3 hours minimum)
CD2 = Cultural Diversity 2: Other ethnic groups or minorities