General Education Program Information for Students

* A new general education program, the Cardinal Core Program, will become effective Summer 2018. Please contact your academic advisor about switching to the new program in Summer 2018.

Program Requirements

The General Education Program at the University of Louisville fosters active learning by asking students to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to understand and appreciate cultural diversity. Specifically, students will establish foundations in the following content areas: Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Oral Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Written Communication. Additionally, in the competency area, students will acquire an understanding of Cultural Diversity through work in the content areas.

Students must complete 12 credit hours of General Education courses within the first 30 degree-applicable credit hours earned, and these 12 hours must include the successful completion of the first three hours in Written Communication; further, students must fulfill or begin working towards the Mathematics General Education requirement. Before completing 60 hours, the student must have completed 21 hours of General Education courses, including Oral Communication, Mathematics, and the second three hours of Written Communication.

Courses must be selected from the approved list of courses provided below.

Content Area Requirements

A/H: Arts & Humanities (6 hours: one course in Arts; one in Humanities)

Arts & Humanities General Education Courses

M: Mathematics (3 hours)

Mathematics General Education Courses

S/SL: Natural Sciences (7 hours:  3 hour lecture and 1 hour lab in a single discipline; and additional 3 hours in a second discipline)

Natural Sciences General Education Courses

OC: Oral Communication (3 hours)

Oral Communication General Education Courses

SB: Social & Behavioral Sciences (9 hours: one General Education approved course in the Department of History; the remaining 6 hours in two other disciplines)

Social & Behavioral General Education Courses

WC: Written Communication (6 hours: the first 3 hours must be a General Education approved writing course in the Department of English or be an approved Honors course substitute)

Written Communication General Education Courses

Competency Area Requirement

CD (CD1 and CD2): Cultural Diversity (6 hours: at least 3 hours of CD1 which will focus on persons of African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Native American ancestry; CD2 courses will focus on other ethnic groups or minorities)

In many cases, these courses will also fulfill other content area requirements (e.g., a cultural diversity course may also count as a Social & Behavioral Science course).

Understanding cultural diversity means students will have a broad exposure to a variety of social systems, cultures, and subcultures, both within the United States and the rest of the world. This portion of the curriculum encourages an appreciation of the realities of a racially and culturally diverse world.

Cultural Diversity General Education Courses

Credit Hour Requirement

A minimum of 34 credit hours from the above content and competency areas must be completed to fulfill the General Education Requirement.

Schedule of Classes for General Education

Instructions for searching the course catalog for General Education courses (PDF)

Schedule of Classes

Transfer General Education Courses or Petition for Credit

Do you have prior course credits from another institution or previous studies and experiences that may count towards the above General Education Program Requirements?

Transfer Courses: For information regarding credit for courses in the A/H, M, OC, S/SL, SB, and WC content areas visit the Transfer Credit Policy

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Appeal Form

Cultural Diversity Waiver: If you have completed a "cultural experience" (i.e., study abroad, transfer credit, or life experience) that qualifies as meeting the Cultural Diversity requirement you may submit a petition for Cultural Diversity waiver. Guidelines, petition forms, and a sample petition can be found at the links below:

Cultural Diversity Requirement and Appeal Process
CD Assessment Guidelines

CD Petition Example
Petition for CD Credit - Transfer Course
Petition for CD Credit - Study Abroad
Petition for CD Credit - Life Experience

Undergraduate Catalog

Further information on the General Education Requirements (GER) can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog (pdf). See pages 284-289.