Cardinal Core Program

The Cardinal Core Program has been approved by all academic units for implementation in Summer 2018. In order to have the program in place for the 2018-19 catalog year the General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) needs to move quickly on the review of revised and newly proposed courses. See the Cardinal Core Program Proposal for details on the approved program. 

The GECC has proposed a two-phase process. In the spring of 2017, departments were asked to revisit existing general education courses and update syllabi to meet new Cardinal Core student learning outcomes. Existing Cultural Diversity (CD) courses must be revised to meet the student learning outcomes for one of the content areas, as the new program will no longer offer Diversity as a stand-alone competency area. The GECC will begin the second phase of implementation in the fall of 2017 by asking departments to submit proposals for any new general education courses. Please see the implementation timeline below.

Spring 2017 - Course Revisions

3/22Departments will receive notification from the General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) with a list of existing General Education courses and suggested revisions.
3/31Course Revision Workshop (Strickler 111, 2-3:30pm)
4/7Course Revision Workshop (Strickler 111, 2-3:30pm)
AprilUnit Curriculum Committees meet to approve revised courses
5/3All approved syllabi from Unit Curriculum Committees must be sent to gecc@louisville.edu
5/10GECC will meet to review all revised courses

Fall 2017 - New Course Proposals

9/1Course Development Workshop (CEHD 201G, 2-4:00pm)
9/8Course Development Workshop (CEHD 201G, 1-2:30pm)
OctoberUnit Curriculum Committees meet to approve proposed courses
11/1Deadline for ALL general education course proposals
11/3GECC will review proposals

Cardinal Core Course Proposals:
The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) sent notifications to department chairs in March of 2017 with a list of existing general education courses and recommendations for bringing those courses into compliance with the new Cardinal Core Program. These suggestions are intended only to ensure that the courses will meet the criteria for the new program, and faculty are encouraged to revise courses beyond these suggestions to align with the new Cardinal Core philosophy. Faculty are highly encouraged to incorporate Diversity outcomes into already existing courses that may not currently incorporate the Cultural Diversity competency area outcomes.

For each revised course or newly proposed course, departments should submit the syllabus, the Course Proposal Cover Sheet, the Course Inventory File Form (CIF), and the Course Proposal Template (optional resource) to the unit curriculum committee. Syllabi must include the new Student Learning Outcomes and meet all requirements in the Cardinal Core Syllabus Guidelines to be approved. Specifically, the syllabus must include the Student Learning Outcomes and the corresponding method of assessment for each outcome to be approved. Course Proposal Templates are available below to assist in mapping the outcomes to the course curriculum and also outlining the specific method of assessment for each outcome. All new or revised courses approved by the unit curriculum committees should be sent to the GECC service account (gecc@louisville.edu) by the November 1st deadline for review by the GECC.

Note: a separate CIF form is required for each cross-listed course. 


NEW Cardinal Core Student Learning Outcomes
Cardinal Core Syllabus Guidelines
Course Proposal Cover Sheet
Course Inventory File Form
Course Proposal Templates (optional, but recommended)
Cardinal Core Revision Checklist

Sample Syllabi:

Arts & Humanities (AH) Sample Syllabus
History (SBH) and Global Diversity (D2) Sample Syllabus
Oral Communication (OC) Sample Syllabus
Science (S) Sample Syllabus
Science Lab (SL) Sample Syllabus
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB) Sample Syllabus
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB) and US Diversity (D1) Sample Syllabus 
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Sample Syllabus 
Written Communication (WC) Sample Syllabus