Course code designations (WC, OC, M, S, SL, B, H, A, SB, CD1, CD2) appear in the course title (as an extension of the title) for the General Education courses. These codes are used for tracking purposes. They indicate the general education requirement(s) that the course fulfills. Some courses are assigned more than one code if they fulfill more than one requirement. The codes can be interpreted as meeting the following General Education Requirements (GERs):

Internal General Education Codes
B -- Built-in Lab/no separate lab course under Natural Sciences Requirement
A -- “Arts” Course under Arts & Humanities Requirement
CD1 -- African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American ethnicities
CD2 -- Other ethnic groups or minorities

Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) General Education Codes
WC -- Written Communication
H -- “Humanities” Course under Arts & Humanities Requirement
M -- Mathematics
S -- Natural Sciences
SL -- Natural Sciences Course with Laboratory (B indicates both S & SL coding)
OC -- Oral Communications
SB -- Social & Behavioral Sciences