In 2005, the University of Louisville General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) developed and implemented a campus-wide General Education Program in alignment with the General Education Program's three overarching competencies: critical thinking, effective communication, and understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Assessment Process

The General Education Curriculum Committee determines a schedule for sampling student artifacts from the General Education content areas (Arts & Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Oral Communication, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Written Communication). The Office of General Education Assessment coordinates the collection of these artifacts with each of the designated academic departments.

A panel of university faculty (tenured, tenure-track, term, and adjunct) and graduate teaching assistants are recruited either through past involvement in General Education Assessment or by department chair recommendation to be assessment readers. All assessment readers participate in a mandatory assessment training in which the foundations for holistic outcomes assessment is covered and readers actively engage in dissection and practice application of assessment rubrics.

The university has developed five rubrics to be applied in the assessment of the learning outcomes.

Critical Thinking Rubric (pdf)

Effective Communication Rubric (pdf)

Cultural Diversity Rubric (pdf)

Mathematics Rubric (pdf)

Natural Sciences Rubric (pdf)

Upcoming Assessments

Oral Communication (Artifacts collected in Fall 2017 and assessed in Spring 2018)

Mathematics (Artifacts collected in Spring 2018 and assessed in Spring 2018)

Cardinal Core Program Assessment (First Cycle): 

Arts & Humanities (Artifacts collected in Fall 2018 and assessed in Spring 2019)

Quantitative Reasoning (Artifacts collected in Spring 2019 and assessed in Spring 2019)

Social & Behavioral Sciences (Artifacts collected in Fall 2019 and assessed in Spring 2020)

Natural Sciences (Artifacts collected in Spring 2020 and assessed in Spring 2020)

Written Communication (Artifacts collected in Fall 2020 and assessed in Spring 2021)

Oral Communication (Artifacts collected in Spring 2021 and assessed in Spring 2022)

Past Assessments/Reports

Natural Sciences (Spring 2017) (PDF)

Written Communications (Fall 2016) (PDF)

Social & Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Diversity (Spring 2016) (PDF)
(Screen Reader optimized PDF)

Arts & Humanities and Mathematics (Fall 2015) (PDF)
(Screen Reader optimized PDF)

Oral Communications (Spring 2015) (PDF)

Natural Sciences (Fall 2014) (PDF)

Written Communications (Spring 2014) (PDF)

Additional Resources

GER Assessment FAQ (pdf)

Assessment Guidelines, Description, and Materials

Assessment Process (pdf)

Student Learning Outcomes (pdf)

Office of General Education Assessment

Dr. Katie Shanahan, Director
(502) 852-8113

Christine Romesburg, Assessment Coordinator
(502) 852-7865