* A new general education program will become effective Summer 2018. For information regarding the implementation of the new program, see the Cardinal Core Program page. The current General Education Program remains active through Spring 2018.

“General Education courses offer undergraduate students a valuable experience in assessing what other realms of academia they may be interested in pursuing. Without gen ed courses, I probably would not have picked up the minor that I did. Many students find their true passion after being exposed to myriad topics explored in these courses and become a more well-rounded scholar and critically thinking adult.”
- UofL Alumnus

The General Education Program at the University of Louisville fosters active learning by asking students to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to understand and appreciate cultural diversity. Specifically, students will establish foundations in the following content areas: Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Oral Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Written Communication. Additionally, students will fulfill a Cultural Diversity competency area requirement in which they will acquire an understanding of Cultural Diversity through work in the content areas.

Detailed Program Description and the Learning outcomes by Content Areas (PDF)

General Education Requirements (GER) 2017-18

Students must complete 12 credit hours of General Education courses within the first 30 degree-applicable credit hours earned, and these 12 hours must include the successful completion of the first three hours in Written Communication; further, students must fulfill or begin working towards the Mathematics General Education requirement. Before completing 60 hours, the student must have completed 21 hours of General Education courses, including Oral Communication, Mathematics, and the second three hours of Written Communication.

For additional information regarding GER and GER guidelines please visit the Undergraduate Catalog (PDF). See pages 284-289.

General Education Courses

2017-18 Academic Year Course Listings (PDF)

Previous/Archived Course Listings

2017-2018 General Education Course Codes

Navigating the General Education Program

Student Resources

To learn more about navigating the General Education program, course requirements, transfer courses, and cultural diversity requirements, visit General Education for Students.

Faculty Resources

To learn more about General Education Learning Outcomes, Syllabus Guidelines, and other supporting resources for faculty, visit General Education for Faculty.

General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC)

The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC) oversees the implementation and ongoing development of the University-Wide General Education Program. The function and structure of the committee, meeting minutes, and supporting documentation are available on the GECC site.

Cardinal Core Program

The General Education Task Force was appointed by the Provost in 2014 to review the existing General Education Program and to make recommendations for improvement to ensure that all students have a strong liberal arts and sciences core at the heart of their curriculum. The Task Force was asked to consider the values of the university and the knowledge, skills and collegiate experiences that our students require to be key decision-makers and productive workers in a democratic society.

The Task Force researched best practices in General Education and gathered feedback from key stakeholders (faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and employers). Based on the findings of this work, the committee proposed the Cardinal Core Program. The program was approved in February 2017 by all academic units, effective Summer 2018.