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United Tote partnered with University of Louisville Professional Development to identify learning needs and enhance the management skills of their employees. The organization increased the value of their training initiative by taking advantage of a corporate discount plan and pairing UofL’s Certificate Programs with personalized Learning Needs Assessments and individual coaching.

As one of three tote companies in the U.S., United Tote builds, manages and develops software for the totalisators used to collect and process bets at racetracks around the world. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the company was acquired by Churchill Downs, Incorporated (Churchill Downs) in 2010 and prides itself on offering innovative wagering technology and the exceptional customer service offered by over 250 employees.

United Tote
Patty Mahoney

“People were held accountable with defined outcomes, reported what they learned and how they were going to put it to use. It’s some of the best money we’ve spent since I’ve been with United Tote.”

—Patty Mahoney

Senior Director of Human Resources

Maximizing Training Value

United Tote identified a group of six managers to participate in the Management Development Certificate Program. By taking advantage of a corporate discount plan, the organization saved 50 percent on the registration fees for these managers, and established the savings for employees of both United Tote and Churchill Downs.

To make the most of the program, the Professional Development team began with a Learning Needs Assessment for each manager. Through one-on-one interviews and skills evaluations, participants worked with the Professional Development team to identify gaps in core leadership competencies. Based on these self-identified gaps and feedback from participants and upper management, UofL made individual recommendations for courses that would address these needs.

“They were fantastic. I’d take seven more if I could,” Marc said about the courses he took. “My favorite was probably Thinking Outside the Box. I always considered myself this type of person, but this class broadened my view even further. It challenged me and took my critical thinking skills to the next level.”

Turning Training Into Practice

United Tote also partnered with UofL to offer individualized coaching. Throughout the training process, a member of the Professional Development team worked with program participants to address real work scenarios and identify ways to incorporate knowledge and skills learned in their courses back in the workplace. Individualized coaching brings an additional level of support for the participants as they implement new skills on the job.

“This training has allowed me to focus more on my employees,” Marc said. “That’s why I am in the position I am in, not because of my own work. I stop and try to spend more time with my employees. If I don’t have them on my side, the day I need them they may not be in my corner if I don’t put the effort in now. These are lifelong skills. If I move into another leadership position I can use these skills.”

“They came away with skills and techniques that they could immediately implement in their individual areas,” Patty elaborated. “They gave me specific examples where they could put newly learned skills to use. If you learn a skill and you don’t use it, you lose it. Taking those concepts and putting them into practice is key.”

When asked if partnering with UofL was a good investment for United Tote, Patty responded, “Absolutely! My boss, president of the company, was very excited about getting this program up and running. People were held accountable with defined outcomes, reported what they learned and how they were going to put it to use. It’s some of the best money we’ve spent since I’ve been with United Tote.”

As further testament of the successful partnership between the University of Louisville and United Tote, the Professional Development team was referred to and engaged by TwinSpires.com, another affiliate of Churchill Downs, to provide Learning Needs Assessments and coaching for participants.

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