Cohort Groups

The UBT program is designed for groups of 30 individuals (called cohort groups) to travel through the 14-month curriculum together. Most core classes include an online section, which participants will have four to six weeks to complete, that is usually followed by a classroom session. A detailed calendar will be provided upon the first day of the program. In the case of unavoidable schedule conflicts, special accommodations are possible. Participants will have access to all of the program's online modules as soon as the first online session starts.

Sponsored Programs Policy

Registration fees for the UBT sessions are unallowable as a direct charge to a sponsored project. In addition, individuals completing the UBT sessions must utilize non-sponsored time and effort.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Alex Bryant at 502.852.4620.

The criteria listed below have been established for required participation:

  • Unit Business Manager or Unit Financial Manager titles
  • Budget Coordinators
  • PeopleSoft security clearances: budget transfers, budget preparations and/or ProCard approvals

After the required participants have registered in the program, the following people will be invited to attend if space is available:

  • Supervisors of UBMs and related roles
  • Individuals responsible for one or more areas covered by the UBT program

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