December 2013 - ProCard Reallocation/Approval Schedule

Posted:  December 2, 2013

The December ProCard processing schedule which overlaps with the winter holiday break follows.  Because of the required closing schedule, December ProCard transactions may post after the winter holiday break starts.  Reconcilers and approvers should ensure all posted transactions have been reallocated before leaving for the holiday break to minimize the number of IUTs processed.

December ProCard Processing Schedule:

  • Monday, December 23 - December ProCard billing cycle ends.  Last work day before winter holiday break.
  • Tuesday, December 24 - All transactions that post to the PNC account on Monday, December 23 will be loaded to PeopleSoft.  First day of winter holiday break.
  • Sunday, December 29 - PeopleSoft reallocation and approval deadline.  This is the last day to reallocate December charges.

Any transactions that are not reallocated by the end of the day on Sunday, December 29 will need to be processed with an IUT in January 2014.

The above-mentioned reallocation/approval deadlines, as well as those for the 2014 calendar year, have been posted on the ProCard website.

If you have questions, please contact the ProCard Office at 852-8218 or by email.