Fuel Card Procedures


  1. Identifies need to purchase fuel for vehicles owned by the University of Louisville.
  2. Appoints a Vehicle Coordinator.  Only a Vehicle Coordinator can request cards and PIN numbers.
  3. Completes the Fuel Card Order Form and/or PIN# Order Form.  (Forms should be sent via email to procard@louisville.edu.)


ProCard Office

  1. Reviews the Fuel Card and PIN# Order Forms.
  2. Submits forms to the fuel card provider.
  3. Contacts the Vehicle Coordinator when the card or PIN is ready.



  1. Card Pickup:  The Vehicle Coordinator will be required to sign the Fuel Card Log at the time of pickup.  If the vehicle coordinator cannot be present at the time of pickup, a request must be made in writing to the ProCard Office, procard@louisville.edu.
  2. PIN#:  ProCard Office will email PIN number(s) to the Vehicle Coordinator.