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Faculty and Staff Compete to Perform (or not) in PINK 2012

by Buford,Brian Wesley last modified Jan 17, 2012 11:57 PM

georgepinkFaculty, staff, and community friends are all coming together to help commonGround--the university's oldest registered student organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students--with its "Making Change" fundraiser. Thirteen volunteers have agreed to be contestants in the competition, and the person with the most points will perform a number in PINK, the annual drag show, scheduled for March 30, 2012.

The competitors are:

  • Nicholas Block, PFLAG of Louisville president, whose hard work in the community is matched by his skills on the dance floor;
  • Brian Buford, director for LGBT Services and a two-time loser in this competition, although he is back for more again in 2012;
  • J.P. Davis and Sarah Humphrey, staff members in the University Advancement Office who will perform together if they win.  Some predict a "Sonny & Cher" number for this pair;
  • Mikal Forbush, program coordinator for the Muhammad Ali Institute, who promises to "occupy" the stage if chosen;
  • Lisa Gunterman, the newly-hired program coordinator for LGBT Services and a founding member of the Fairness Campaign. Winning a spot to perform in PINK is one of the few things left on her bucket list;
  • Dawn Heineken, well-loved professor of Women's and Gender Studies and a favorite among LGBT Studies minors, who are hoping to get class credit for coming to see her perform;
  • Sharon LaRue, director of the PEACC Program and the only contestant who can lip sync all the words to "Born This Way;"
  • Graduate students Liz O'Sullivan, Jacob Gryphon, Anthony Ooley, and Candace Lamb, who are all thankful they won't be graded on their performance;
  • Kenny Quisenberry, a student activities coordinator known as "Q" to students and purported to have back-up dancers lined up in anticipation of winning the competition; and
  • Kaila Story, the Audre Lorde endowed chair for race, class, gender and sexuality. Dr. Story has done considerable research on ball culture that may prove helpful if she's selected to perform; 

Each contestant has a donation bucket in the Intersection (Room 104, Red Barn) where people can cast votes for the person they want to see perform. Some of them also have buckets in their offices. The competition works on a total points collected basis, said commonGround President Lindsay Ferguson.

Coins count as positive points. For example, a quarter is 25 points, a dime 10, etc. Bills count as negative points. A one-dollar bill would take away 100 points.

The participant with the most positive points will perform in PINK 2012.

"If you really want to see one of the candidates do drag, you can either put lots of coins in their bucket or throw bills into the buckets of the other candidates," Ferguson said.

Each candidate represents a different LGBT student organization and the money raised on their behalf will support programs and activities throughout the year.  Law Professor Sam Marcosson and Red Barn namesake George Howe are both winners of past competitions.

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