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Diane Rigney Student Activism Grants Available for Spring 2013 Semester

by Buford,Brian Wesley last modified Feb 11, 2013 02:31 PM

"Many of us long for a world that is committed and respectful of every individual's right to pursue happiness. Our world will not change without taking action. I am honored that I can assist others who will work to fulfill the rights of LGBTQ individuals to live our lives with respect, affirmation, acceptance and equality." --Diane Rigney

Diane Rigney 

Eager to change the world, or at least U of L’s campus? The Diane Rigney Student Activism Grant Program is an opportunity for you to take an idea from your brain to reality and implement a social justice project of your own design!  Projects that are selected for an award will receive financial support, coaching and advice from a seasoned mentor, and the unique chance to showcase your passion for LGBT issues on the University of Louisville campus. 

Social justice seeks to create a community without inequities or discrimination for some groups.  By becoming an activist for social justice issues, you not only raise awareness but also encourage others to take action against the inequities on campus and in our community.

The program funds LGBT activism by University of Louisville undergraduate students, up to a maximum award of $500.

Diane Rigney is the generous donor who provided the funds for this exciting new program.  Diane is a lifetime LGBT activist who graduated from the University of Louisville’s School of Business and has worked across the country to promote equality for LGBT people.


What Do I Get?

  • Financial resources to fund your project
  • Coaching from an experienced mentor, either assigned by us or one you’ve selected yourself
  • Real world experience in social justice, activism, and project development
  • The opportunity to make a lasting impact on the U of L community
  • A chance to present your project to others at a student meeting or LGBT Services event



What are the Guidelines?

Grants are available for undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Louisville in good academic standing at the time of application and project implementation.

To be eligible for a grant, your project must:

  • Specifically address a LGBT issue on campus, although other groups may also benefit from your effort
  • Not duplicate another project or event that is already being done
  • Not be solely designed for socializing or entertainment (pizza party, etc.).
  • Have lasting impact and show sustainable change over time (rather than a one-time event)

Examples of eligible projects might include raising awareness about the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood at blood drives, creating a publicly displayed mural that creates conversation about oppression, starting a new group focused on support or activism, or designing a media campaign to call attention to the lack of gender neutral restrooms.

Students who are awarded a grant will be paired with a seasoned mentor with experience related to their proposed project.  This mentor will be a University of Louisville faculty/staff member or a local community leader.  If you have a mentor with whom you’d like to work, include that person in your grant proposal.  If not, the grant committee or LGBT Services office will pair you with a mentor.

Students who are awarded the grant will also receive feedback and assistance from the Vice Provost for Diversity Office’s unit business staff in order to help keep track of the project’s budget.

All expenses must comply with applicable University of Louisville accounting procedures and financial guidelines. Since much of what you purchase for your project will be done with a university credit card, review the restrictions here:

The project must be completed by April 30, 2014.

The review committee reserves the right to veto any budget items or ask for revisions for an awarded grant proposal.

Students who are awarded a grant will be required to submit a 250-500 word report on the results of their projects and what they learned from the process, due 14 days after the end of their project.  They will also present this information at a student meeting or other LGBT Services event (timing to be determined upon project completion).

The deadline for grant applications is midnight March 30, 2013.

If you need assistance with the application process or would like help formulating your idea for a project, contact Jacob Day at (502)


Start here to submit your proposal.


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