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Conference Proposals Accepted for Come Together Kentucky 2012

by Buford,Brian Wesley last modified Nov 02, 2011 07:41 PM

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Call for Proposals of Programs, Presentations, Workshops, and Caucuses

“Come Together, Move Forward!”

March 30th through April 1st  2012


The 16th Statewide Conference on LGBT equality and social justice is convening in Louisville, KY on March 30- April 1, 2012!

Come Together Kentucky (CTK) is a conference for college students, high school students, and community members who want to learn more about LGBT identity, social justice, overcoming bullying, and changing the world around them. The weekend-long program will instruct, encourage and invite you to reach for and achieve your goals and aspirations as an activist in the LGBT political, social, and educational movement in Kentucky. CTK organizers don’t want you to only learn at Come Together Kentucky 2012. We want you to teach, too!

Students, faculty, staff, activists, and organizers from around the state can present projects, ideas, strategies and experiences in nearly 60 workshops, presentations, and caucus sessions. Here you can present your best practices, your working wisdom, and your new ideas at CTK 2012. The conference is designed to have a broad range of content in these sessions, so really, any proposal that is related to LGBT, social justice, organizing, or support work are welcomed and encouraged!

To clarify:

  • A workshop is: Usually an interactive, hands-on experience
  • A program or presentation is:  Usually more leader directed, a place to share information
  • A caucus is: Usually a place to gather with other people who identify in some similar way or ways


Please think about the following elements when deciding on how to craft your session proposal:

  • Who is your audience? Who would you want to attend your workshop, program, or caucus?
  • What do you want your audience to know when they leave your workshop, program, or caucus?
  • How will you present your material?


Some topic ideas to get you started thinking about what you might want to learn or teach about:

  • Do you have a new and innovative way of community organizing?
  • How did you start a GSA at your school or on your campus?
  • What was your coming out experience?
  • How do you organize effectively for change in rural communities?
  • What anti-bullying initiatives or advocates are useful in your community?
  • What are some ways that you or your organization attends to self-care needs?
  • How and when do you educate the broader community about gender identity and gender expression?
  • What has been your experience with building relationships with non-LGBT groups in your community?
  • How do you bring people together to learn about racial justice?
  • How do you recruit and retain your volunteers?
  • How do you fundraise for social change in your community?


These are only suggestions. Feel free to be as creative as you would like—incorporate art, music, writing, panels, etc.

There is only one rule: No glitter.

Come Together Kentucky is interested in sharing (over a weekend) as much as possible of what is going on around the state that furthers the  goal of LGBT equity and human rights, fostering the community, and making change happen around us.


We ALL have knowledge to share and knowledge to gain and CTK is the perfect opportunity!


Proposals for workshops, programs, and caucuses for the Come Together Kentucky conference will be accepted until JANUARY 1st .


Workshop, Program, and Caucus Proposals should be 300- 500 words (1-2 pages) and include the following:

1.       The workshop title

2.       Contact information for the presenters

3.       A brief abstract of about 100 words that is an overview of your session to be included in the program

4.       A more detailed description of the workshop, program, or caucus including its format, an outline of how you will use the time allotted (50 minutes), and three learning objectives that you feel will be included or exemplified in your session.

5.       Any technology needs

6.       Projected participant number (How many people can your session accommodate? This may vary according to session goals or activities.)

To submit a proposal, start here.

Save your spot as a participant at Come Together Kentucky 2012 by registering here.

Visit the conference facebook event page here.

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