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by Rex Mann last modified Jun 24, 2008 11:02 PM

Although we've been taught that gender is an either/or proposition, it's really a spectrum. Many people find their identity in comfortable and socially-approved gender roles that match their biology, while others experience gender identities that are more nuanced and complex.

"Transformations" is a campus support group for transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, intersex, and two-spirit individuals. It's a safe and supportive place to talk and explore gender identity/expression with others on the spectrum.

Do you often wonder about the relation of gender to biological sex? Is your experience of your own gender and sex at odds with the concepts of women and men in American society? Do you feel that the world around you restricts your ability to express your femininity and/or masculinity, or, does it matter?

Transformations offers an opportunity to meet others, share information and explore in a confidential and secure atmosphere. It's not a therapy group. Rather, it is an opportunity to share your individual experience and to connect with others who are facing similar issues or questions. The group is free and open to all U of L students, staff, and faculty.

The group meets during the fall and spring semesters, starting in September. For meeting times and locations, call the Office for LGBT Services at 852-0696 or email director Brian Buford at

All email and calls, as well as your participation in group meetings, are completely confidential.

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