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Executive Committee Minutes -- March 13, 2003 -- Board of Trustees -- University of Louisville

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March 13, 2003

In Open Session
The Executive Committee of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees met on March 13, 2003 in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall with members present and absent as follows:

Present: Ms. Jessica S. Loving, Chair (arrived at 2: 41 p.m.)
Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr., Vice Chair
Prof. David Ensign
Mr. Nathaniel E. Green
Mr. Owsley B. Frazier
Absent: Mr. J. Chester Porter
Other Trustees Present: Ms. Marie K. Abrams
Ms. Virginia C. Brown
Ms. Linda Wallbaum Cauble
Mr. Kevin D. Cogan
Ms. Donna Tinsley Denny
Ms. Joyce Hagen
Mr. Grant M. Helman
Mr. Milton M. Livingston
Mr. Christopher J. Marlin
Ms. Sandra Metts Snowden
Ms. Elizabeth Worland
From the University: Dr. James Ramsey, President
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Acting Provost
Ms. Angela D. Koshewa, University Counsel (arrived at 2:38 p.m.)
Dr. Joel A. Kaplan, Vice President for Health Affairs
Dr. Nancy C. Martin, Vice President for Research
Mr. Larry L. Owsley, Vice President for Finance & Administration
Dr. Ron Moore, Vice President for Information Technology
Mr. Joseph S. Beyel, Vice President for Development & Alumni
Dr. Gene Gilchrist, Vice President for New Ventures
Mr. Mike Curtin, Director, Office of Planning & Budget
Dr. David Howarth, Associate Provost
Ms. Carolyn Cochran, Assistant to the Provost
Ms. Rae Goldsmith, Associate V. P. for University Relations
Mr. John Drees, Communications and Marketing
Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Ms. Debbie Dougherty, Board Liaison, President's Office

I. Call to Order

Having determined a quorum present, Vice Chair Bridgeman called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.

II. Action Item: Approval of Amendments to the School of Medicine
Compliance Plan

President Ramsey presented this recommendation as a reponse to changes in the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Because these changes will occur at the federal level on April 14, 2003, the proposal readies the University for anticipated changes. President Ramsey asked Vice President Kaplan to continue the briefing. Vice President Kaplan summarized the requirements of the HIPAA of 1996, noting the stringent regulations imposed regarding patient security and confidentiality. He recognized Dr. Pfeifer who oversees compliance and described detailed procedures that the Compliance Office follows. Mr. Frazier made a motion, which Mr. Green seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the attached amendments to the University of Louisville School of Medicine Compliance Plan (the "Plan"), effective April 1, 2003; and that the President, Provost, and the Vice President for health Affairs and the Dean of the School of Medicine are authorized to carry out the Plan, as amended in the manner set forth herein (copy attached).

The motion passed unanimously.

III. Report of the President

President Ramsey thanked board members for allowing the abbreviated schedule to accommodate the 3:30 p.m. game time in the Conference USA tournament.

  • Budget Update

President Ramsey briefed the Committee on state budget issues and its implications for higher education. He noted the Governor introduced a budget based on $500 million of new revenue. The House and Senate did not consider the gubernatorial proposal. Dr. Ramsey acknowledged the successful efforts of UofL to add $60 million in Bucks for Brains' funding, thus restoring the total to $120 million for the final round. President Ramsey noted that the Bucks for Brains program requires UofL to match dollar for dollar. He said the University may try to raise additional money that could go for start up funding. President Ramsey stated that, as the University works through its budget issues, it will remain very focused on maintaining momentum toward completing the Challenge for Excellence. He quickly reported that the University continues to work through the exciting cancer initiative, the cardiac innovative institute; and the Vision, Focus Action strategy--an effort to strengthen advising, career counseling and classroom support. President Ramsey reported the University is moving forward with its campus-wide diversity planning. All units have diversity plans.

President Ramsey plans to fully engage the Board of Overseers through specific initiatives. The University has asked the Board of Overseers to create an ad hoc committee to identify opportunities for closer collaboration with the Metro government. Mr. Bob Ayotte heads that committee and will provide the University with recommendations. President Ramsey also acknowledged the leadership of the Board of Overseers with a Visiting Committee to look at the CBPA. The report will help with the search for a n ew dean. Mr. Chuck Denny chairs that committee.

With respect to capital projects, President Ramsey reported that the University soon will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the Belknap Research Building on May 8th. He noted that Vice President Martin projected it to be among the top 7-8 research facilities in the country. President Ramsey updated the Board on the progress on the natatorium, new residence hall and Cardinal Hall. President Ramsey briefly described several options under consideration with the baseball stadium. President Ramsey reported that he is working with a consultant on a management review of the University's senior leadership. He plans to present the review to the Board in June. President Ramsey noted the University will be developing tactical plans for the Shelby Campus Research and Technology Park consistent with the Board's strategies approved to develop that property to enhance the University's academic mission. Ms. Abrams complimented President Ramsey on his significant role in the budget success achieved in the legislative session. President Ramsey received a round of applause from the Board.

At the President's request, Ms. Koshewa briefed the Committee concerning the NCAA inquiry regarding a student athlete.

IV. Report of the Chair

Chair Loving welcomed new trustee, Ms. Donna Tinsley Denny. Ms. Denny said she was looking forward to her participation and service as a member of the Board of Trustees.

V. Adjournment

Mr. Frazier made a motion, which Mr. Green seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 2:48 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

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