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ASA Committee Minutes -- Jan. 8, 2004 -- Board of Trustees -- University of Louisville

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The Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees met on Thursday, January 8, 2004 in the Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:


Mr. Milton M. Livingston, Chair
Mr. Michael Sticklen, Vice Chair
Judge Angela McCormick Bisig
Ms. Virginia C. Brown
Prof. David Ensign
Ms. Jessica S. Loving

Absent: Ms. Sandra Metts Snowden
Trustees Present:

Ms. Marie Abrams
Ms. Linda Wallbaum Cauble
Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Cogan
Ms. Donna Tinsley Denny
Mr. Nathaniel Green
Ms. Joyce Hagen
Mr. Grant Helman
Mr. Milton M. Livingston
Ms. Elizabeth Worland

From the University:

Dr. James R. Ramsey, President
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Acting Executive Vice President and Provost
Dr. Joel A. Kaplan, Executive Vice President Chancellor for HSC
Ms. Angela D. Koshewa, University Counsel
Mr. Larry Owsley, Vice President for Business Affairs
Mr. Joseph S. Beyel, Vice President for University Advancement
Dr. Denise D. Gifford, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Nancy C. Martin, Vice President for Research
Mr. Ronald L. Moore, Vice President for Information & Technology
Dr. Mary Mundt, Dean, School of Nursing
Mr. David F. Barker, Director of Internal Audit
Mr. Michael J. Curtin, Vice President for Finance
Dr. William Pierce, Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. David Howarth, Associate Provost
Mrs. Terri Rutledge, Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration
Ms. Rae Goldsmith, Associate V. P. for University Relations
Mr. John Drees, Director of Public Information
Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Ms. Debbie Dougherty, Board Liaison, President’s Office

I. Call to Order

Having determined a quorum present, Chair Livingston called the meeting to order at 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes, October 9, 2003

Ms. Brown made a motion, which Judge Bisig seconded, to approve the minutes of October 9 2004. The motion passed unanimously.

II. Action Item: Approval of the Center for Cancer Nursing Education and Research

Provost Willihnganz reported the proposal would create the Center for Cancer

Nursing Education and Research. She then asked Dean Mundt to elaborate on the specific details in the proposal. Dean Mundt provided a handout (copy attached). She explained the Center’s purpose is to establish a community-wide presence for the improvement of nursing education, practice and research in cancer nursing. As the James Graham Brown Cancer Center moves toward its goal of achieving National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, it is important to strengthen the level of professional nursing available to care for cancer patients and their families. Nurses represent the largest group of health professionals and provide most of the cancer care both inside the hospital and in community and home settings. As a school of nursing in an academic health science center, it is important for the University of Louisville School of Nursing to be a leader in cancer nursing education, practice and research in the Greater Louisville community. Dean Mundt noted the Center will focus on establishing coalitions with education and practice partners to conduct community-wide intervention to improve cancer nursing care. The Center will:

Coordinate community-wide nursing intervention to enhance cancer nursing education in schools of nursing in the Metropolitan Louisville area;

Facilitate the establishment of a cancer nursing option within the Master of Science in nursing program at the University of Louisville;

Coordinate community-wide intervention to improve the clinical practice of cancer nursing through identifying best practices, assessing educational needs of nurses and assisting with educational preparation for practice; and

Create a cancer nursing research agenda for Metropolitan Louisville that promotes evidence-based practice and supports active programs of cancer nursing research.

Dean Mundt expressed appreciation to Senior Vice President Nancy Martin and Congresswoman Anne Northup for their support. Provost Willihnganz stated the Center’s initial funding was made possible through a federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services and funding requests have been made for years two and three. Chancellor Joel Kaplan announced the Health Sciences’ full support of the Nursing Center. Judge Bisig made a motion, which Ms. Brown seconded, to approve the

President’s recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the creation of the Center for Cancer Nursing Education and Research in the School of Nursing.

The motion passed unanimously.

III. Other Business

President Ramsey discussed his continued outreach efforts in several Kentucky communities, including the Paducah area. He recognized the tremendous success stories related to building research enterprise and the economic development. Dr. Ramsey invited Chair Livingston to report on the progress of the Four River Center in Paducah. Chair Livingston noted this project began almost 10 years ago. The world class performing arts center plans to open February 26. Chair Livingston invited the board members visit it. He hoped the center could partner with Louisville for symphony, ballet, and Broadway plays.

Dr. Ramsey acknowledged that many outstanding corporate citizens in this community are competing in a worldwide market and recognize the need to attract professional talent to Louisville. The cultural and social amenities are critical to this recruitment. The University commits to reinforcing the efforts to build cultural and social amenities for this community. Dr. Ramsey has talked with Mayor Abramson’s staff about a community arts council’s broad goals:

assist and promote arts within this area (talked about adjunct rank faculty for those persons crucial to this goal)

make sure our students can participate fully in the arts

continue to promote Grawemeyer awards as a major asset

Dr. Ramsey expressed his desire to work with community leaders to assemble an outreach program that affirms the University’s role as the state’s preeminent metropolitan research university. Chancellor Kaplan recognized Dr. Rick Clover’s work in building the partnership between the City and UofL’s School of Public Health to recruit a public health director. Dr. Kaplan also shared the collaborative effort of the University’s Emergency Medicine Department working with the Metro EMS. Dr. Ramsey reported this item as information only.

IV. Adjournment

Ms. Loving made a motion, which Ms. Brown seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 2:45 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.



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