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U of L Board of Trustees Meeting

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April 14, 2005, In Open Session

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees met on Thursday, April 14, 2005, in the Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.
Ms. Marie Abrams
Judge Angela McCormick Bisig
Ms. Donna Tinsley Denny
Mr. Bill Forman
Mr. Owsley B. Frazier
Mr. Nathaniel Green
Ms. Margaret Handmaker
Mr. Grant Helman
Ms. Jessica Loving
Mr. Ryan McKinley
Prof. William Pierce
Mr. J. Chester Porter
Ms. Sandra Metts Snowden
Mr. William A. Stone
Ms. Elizabeth Worland

Via Teleconference Call:
Mr. Kevin Cogan

Mr. Tommie Burns
Mr. Milton Livingston
Mr. Steve Poe

From the University:
Dr. James R. Ramsey, President
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Executive Vice President and Provost
Ms. Angela D. Koshewa, University Counsel
Mr. Larry Owsley, Vice President for Business Affairs
Mr. Joseph S. Beyel, Vice President for University Advancement
Mr. Michael J. Curtin, Vice President for Finance
Dr. Laura Schweitzer, Acting Dean, School of Medicine
Dr. David Howarth, Associate Provost
Ms. Terri Rutledge, Assistant VP for Business Affairs
Ms. Susan Ingram, Director of Budget
Mr. John Drees, Acting Assoc. VP for University Relations
Ms. Anne Rademaker, Controller’s Office
Ms. Carolyn Cochran, Office of the Provost
Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Ms. Debbie Dougherty, Board Liaison, President’s Office

I. Call to Order

Having determined a quorum present, Secretary Snowden called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.

II. Recognition of Men's Basketball

President Ramsey observed the remarkable year for the Cardinal basketball team, noting the heart and intensity of the team took the University to the Final Four. President Ramsey proposed the following resolution to honor the coaching staff and team. Mr. Porter made a motion, which Mr. Helman seconded, to approve:

Recognition of UofL Men’s Basketball Team

WHEREAS, the Men’s Basketball Team representing the University of Louisville has distinguished the Cardinals as a premier national program and a contender for the NCAA title;

WHEREAS, these talented student-athletes:

  • Achieved their first Conference USA regular season championship with a 14-2 record;
  • Recorded the school’s first league title since 1993-94;
  • With a 33-5 win/loss, tied the Cardinals’ 1980 NCAA Championship team record for most victories in school history;
  • Won 22 of their last 24 games, and 13 straight wins going into the Final Four;
  • Smashed a school and conference record with 361 three-point goals during the season; and
  • Ranked among the top 20 teams nationally in seven statistical categories

WHEREAS, four players—Franciso Garcia (1,413 career points), Larry O’Bannon (1,138), Taquan Dean (1,118), and Ellis Myles (1,045)—reached the career 1,000-point scoring circle of champions; the second time in the University’s history that four players on the same team reached this mark;

WHEREAS, their dedication and accomplishment has positioned the UofL Cards to lead the nation, along with North Carolina, with 57 career 1,000-point scorers;

WHEREAS, the leadership of the professional staff, headed by the 2005 Conference USA Coach of the Year Rick Pitino, including Coaches Kevin Willard, Vince Taylor, and Reggie Theus, and Scott Davenport, Bill Burke, Fred Hina, Ray Ganong, Tim Sypher, Vinny Tatum, Drs. John Ellis and Chris Pitcock, Gus Hauser, Brian Merritt, Eric Scott, and Andrew Settle has restored Cardinal Basketball to the highest quality of performance; and

WHEREAS, the Team of Cardinals including Chris Current, Taquan Dean, Terrance Farley, Francisco Garcia, Otis George, Brad Gianiny, Brandon Jenkins, Brian Johnson, Perrin Johnson, Ellis Myles, Larry O’Bannon, David Padgett, Juan Palacios, and Lorrenzo Wade has recruited UofL fans from all over the nation through their stellar performance in the NCAA Tournament;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville expresses its sincere admiration and deep appreciation to the Men’s Basketball Team and the Cardinals professional staff in the Men’s Basketball Department for their commitment to achieving excellence; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution, appropriately signed be presented to each member of the Team and the Leadership of the Department.

The motion passed unanimously with a round of applause. Chair Bridgeman expressed his appreciation and admiration to the team and the coaching staff for their accomplishments, athletically and academically. The coaching staff and athletes introduced themselves.

III. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes from Board Meeting, 2/10/05
  • Minutes from Executive Committee Meeting, 3/23/05
B. From the Academic & Student Affairs Committee
  • Approval of Certificate in Data Mining
  • Approval of Rescission of Degree for Amanda Howe Spradlin
C. From the Personnel Committee
  • Approval of Designation of Ekstrom Library Auditorium
    for Elaine Chao
  • Approval of Personnel Recommendations, 3/23/05
  • Approval of Personnel Recommendations, 4/14/05
  • Approval of Recommendation to Hire EVP for Health Affairs
  • Approval of 2005 Alumni Fellows Awards, 3/23/05
  • Approval of 2005 Alumni Fellows Awards, 4/14/05
D. From the Finance Committee
  • Approval of Endowment Matches:
    Arno F. Spatola, Ph.D. Fellowship in Chemistry
    in the College of Arts & Sciences
    Audre Lorde Endowed Chair in Race, Class, Gender
    and Sexuality
    Matthew Aldridge Cowan, Ph.D. Fellowships in the
    Speed School of Engineering
  • Approval of Capital Construction Project
    CBPA Dean’s Suite
E. Action Item: Approval of May 2005 Candidates for Degrees

Chair Bridgeman read the roll of consent agenda items. Hearing no objection, Ms. Abrams made a motion, which Ms. Denny seconded, to approve the consent agenda. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Report of the Trustees Award Committee

Chair Worland reported the Committee met several times. The pool of applicants was outstanding. Before announcing the Committee’s recommendation, Ms. Worland shared nomination information about the recommended choice – Prof. Elaine O. Wise. Ms. Worland cited several nominators’ comments regarding Prof. Wise’s enlightening and challenging teaching techniques, her availability outside of the classroom and her enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Her achievements as an outstanding teacher were recognized when she won UofL’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 1995 and the Carnegie Kentucky Professor of the Year Award in 1996. Prof. Wise is a deeply committed teacher, who is always diplomatic and professional in her faculty roles. Prof. Wise serves as UofL’s Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA; she has advised the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, the Student Government Association, and other student organizations. She has chaired the Faculty Senate Committee on Libraries and provided expertise in developing collections and information services for undergraduates and scholars. Prof. Wise has captivated the hearts and minds of students and is passionate about student welfare. She has made an extraordinary impact on students in teaching, advising, support services, extracurricular activities, and other aspects of student life. Ms. Denny made a motion, which Mr. Green seconded, to approve the

Trustees Award Committee’s recommendation to name Professor Elaine Orr Wise as the 2005 Trustees Award recipient.

The motion passed unanimously. Prof. Wise received a standing ovation. Prof. Wise thanked the board, noting she was humbled and honored to accept the award.

V. Action Item: Approval of Establishment of the Department of Urology in the School of Medicine

President Ramsey reported the revised bylaws from the School of Medicine would establish Urology as a new department. Currently, it is a subsection in the Department of Surgery. He asked Dr. Laura Schweitzer for comment. Dr. Schweitzer noted this change will allow the program to strengthen and to recruit an excellent department chair and faculty. Mr. Stone made a motion, which Judge Bisig seconded, to approve the

President’s recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the establishment of the Department of Urology in the School of Medicine

The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Action Item: Approval of Authorization to Purchase Home of the Innocents Property and Issue Bonds to Fund the Acquisition

President Ramsey reported the University has had discussions to purchase Home of the Innocents property since it began moving to the Home’s new location. The acquired property, which is in UofL’s Master Plan, will be used by the School of Public Health and Information Sciences. Dr. Ramsey noted Mayor Abramson’s interest in leasing some of the renovated space for a portion of the Metro Louisville’s public health program. Provost Willihnganz observed the excellent location and its importance to the University community. Vice President Owsley said this acquisition had been in the master plan for many years; the purchase price was determined by two appraisals conducted in accordance with state law and regulation for property acquisition. The bond resolution reflected standard procedure. Mr. Helman made a motion, which Mr. Green seconded to approve the

The President recommends that: (1) he or his designee be authorized to purchase the former Home of the Innocents property at 485 East Gray Street for $3,800,000 and (2) the attached bond resolution be authorized to fund the acquisition.

The motion passed unanimously.

VII. Action Item: Authorization for the Executive Committee to Act on Tuition and Fees for 2005-06

President Ramsey reported at the March Board meeting that he asked the Board to consider tuition and fees as revenue elements necessary for building the operating budget for 2005-06. He noted, therefore, that the budget discussion conducted by the Finance Committee in May would be the appropriate time to discus any change in tuition and fees, and he encouraged all board members to attend the Committee meeting. President Ramsey said the University still is analyzing the fees, and delaying action to May allows flexibility for all considerations. Ms. Snowden made a motion, which Judge Bisig seconded, to approve the

The Chair recommends that the Board authorize the Executive Committee to Act for the Board on tuition and fees for 2005-06, within the context of the budget discussion at the Finance Committee Workshop.

The motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Report of the President

President Ramsey shared a Powerpoint providing an update on the implementation of the Challenge for Excellence. Dr. Ramsey stated the Challenge was a ten year plan to advance UofL as a premier nationally recognized metropolitan research university. He noted the creation of a learning community included implementation of the elements of the Vision*Focus*Action; extension of undergraduate research; expansion of honors curricula; increased financial aid; and increased professional internship opportunities. The University has updated the Scorecard to make the items more manageable and has completed all of Phase V. In Phase VI of the Challenge, “Finish the Job,” although the state economy has started showing remarkable improvement, Dr. Ramsey noted the permanent affect of the cuts has caused delay. The new cigarette tax translates to approximately $2.5 million each for University of Louisville and UK for cancer research. Dr. Ramsey reviewed key aspects of implementing Phase V, which included filling Bucks for Brains positions, raising faculty salaries to 80% of benchmarks, and reaching out to Federal Delegation for enhanced mission support.

President Ramsey asked Provost Willihnganz to update the Board concerning the status of the Campus Action Plan. Dr. Willihnganz highlighted the Campus Action Plan, which included House Bill 1 and the CPE Public Agenda. She commented that House Bill 1 set a statewide agenda, but also established individual roles for each of the state’s colleges and universities. She noted UofL’s Campus Action Plan included educational experiences that lead to student success; research, creative and scholarly activities; accessibility, diversity, equity and communication; partnerships and collaborations; and institutional effectiveness and good stewardship of resources. Dr. Willihnganz said the CPE has asked each university to shape its strategic plans into the CPE format, which was organized around five key questions designed to measure state-wide progress toward the goals of House Bill 1, i.e., calling these Campus Action Plans. The five key questions were: 1) Are more Kentuckians ready for postsecondary education? 2) Is Kentucky postsecondary education affordable for its citizens? 3) Do more Kentuckians have certificates and degrees? 4) Are college graduates prepared for life and work in Kentucky? 5) Are Kentucky’s people, communities and economy benefiting? Provost Willihnganz remarked that, although still under development, outcomes will be set for each of the 5 key indicators and universities will be held accountable for meeting specific objectives. Mr. Cogan retired from the conference call at 1:55 p.m.

President Ramsey recommended the Board approve extending the Challenge for Excellence plan to 2010 to coincide with the CPE statewide plan. Judge Bisig made a motion, which Mr. Green seconded, to approve the

President’s recommendation to extend the Challenge for Excellence to 2010 so that it coincides with the midpoint of the Council on Postsecondary’s Education 2020 agenda

The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Frazier departed at 2:25 p.m.

President Ramsey introduced the head coach of the Spirit Groups, Todd Sharp, and acknowledged the hard work and the phenomenal job the cheerleading and dancer teams did representing the University at all the NCAA games and during their national competition in Florida. Ms. Worland made a motion, which Judge Bisig seconded, to approve the President’s recommendation of the following resolution:

Recognition of U of L Spirit Groups

April 14, 2005

WHEREAS, the Spirit Groups representing the University of Louisville, have distinguished Cardinal cheerleading and dance as national premier programs;

WHEREAS, these talented student ambassadors represent a cross-section of the student population at the University of Louisville with members drawn from nearly every academic unit:

WHEREAS, the Cardinals Cheer and Dance Teams have established a tradition of excellence in performance at University athletic events, national competitions, nationally-televised programs and many other venues;

WHEREAS, under the leadership of Head Coach Todd Sharp and Coaches James Speed, Misty Hodges, and Sheryl Knight, the Cardinals won three of the four categories and was named Grand Champion squad in any division of the National Cheerleading Association Championship Competition;

WHEREAS, these talented student-athletes achieved:

  • First place finish in the All-Girl Squad for the fifth consecutive year;
  • First place finish in the Co-ed Cheer Squad for the third consecutive year;
  • First place finish for the first time in the Small Co-ed category; and
  • Runner up finish in the Dance Squad competition with a score of 9.44 behind the winning score of 9.51;

WHEREAS, the University of Louisville Spirit groups have distinguished themselves as champions and established standards of excellence for all others to emulate;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville expresses its sincere admiration and deep appreciation to the student-athletes in the Cardinals spirit groups and their coaches, headed by Todd Sharp, for their commitment to the cheerleading and dance programs at UofL; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution, appropriately signed, be presented to each member of the Cheerleading and Dance Squads and their coaches.

The motion passed unanimously. The Board gave the cheerleading and dance squads a standing ovation. Mr. Sharp thanked the Board for its support. Provost Willihnganz commented about a letter she read from the St. Louis coordinator who recognized the great sportsmanship and excellent ambassador representation of the cheerleading and dance squads.

IX. Report of the Chair

Chair Bridgeman reported the public interest in the Big East Facilities Committee, reminding the board of its charge to President Ramsey to convene such a committee in Fall 2004. He said any comments about an arena would be premature at this time and asked board members to refrain from weighing in publicly. The Committee met in January 2005, and no decisions or recommendations have been made at this time. Chair Bridgeman welcomed board members to attend the Patterson Stadium dedication Friday, April 15, 2005 at 6:00 p.m.

X. Adjournment

Ms. Abrams made a motion, which Ms. Snowden seconded to adjourn the meeting at 2:35 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

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