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Minutes -- February 13, 2003 -- Board of Trustess -- University of Louisville

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February 13, 2003

In Open Session

The Board of Trustees assembled on Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. in the Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present: Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr., Vice Chair, Presiding
Ms. Marie K. Abrams
Ms. Virginia C. Brown
Mr. Kevin D. Cogan
Mr. David Ensign
Mr. Nathaniel E. Green
Ms. Joyce Hagen
Mr. Christopher Marlin
Mr. William Mulloy, Sr.
Mrs. Sandra Metts Snowden
Ms. Beth Worland
Absent: Ms. Jessica S. Loving, Chair
Mr. Tommie Burns
Ms. Linda Wallbaum Cauble
Mr. Owsley Brown Frazier
Mr. Grant Helman
Mr. Milton M. Livingston
Mr. J. Chester Porter
Ms. Mary Yarmuth
From the University: Dr. James Ramsey, President
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Acting Provost
Ms. Angela Koshewa, University Counsel
Mr. Joseph S. Beyel, Vice President for Development and Alumni
Dr. Denise D. Gifford, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Joel A. Kaplan, Vice President for Health Affairs
Dr. Nancy C. Martin, Vice President for Research
Mr. Larry L. Owsley, Vice President for Finance & Administration
Dr. Gene Gilchrist, Vice President for New Ventures
Mr. Mike Curtin, Director, Office of Planning & Budget
Mr. David Barker, Director of Audit Services
Dr. Dale Billingsley, Associate Provost
Dr. David Howarth, Associate Provost
Ms. Terri Rutledge, Assistant VP for Administration
Dr. Christopher Shields, Chair, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Scott Whittemore, Endowed Chair, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Mordean Taylor-Archer, Associate Provost
Ms. Carolyn Cochran, Office of the Provost
Ms. Jenny Sawyer, Executive Director of Admissions
Ms. Kathy Keadle, School of Medicine
Mr. Jason Tomlinson, Office of Planning & Budget
Ms. Rae Goldsmith, Associate V. P. for University Relations
Mr. John Drees, Director, Communications & Marketing
Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees
Guests: Mr. Larry Cox, Office of Senator McConnell
Mr. Henry Wagner, President and CEO, Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services
Mr. Sonny Altman, Chairman, Jewish Hospital Board of Directors
Dr. Bill Brundage, Coordinator, Office of the New Economy
Dr. Layman Gray, Chair, Cardiovascular Surgery, UofL & Jewish Hospital
Mr. Stan Kramer, President, First Kentucky Security
Mr. Sujyot S. Patel, Attorney, Peck, Shaffer & Williams
Mr. Dirk M. Bedarff, Attorney, Peck Shaffer & Williams

Without a quorum present, the members of the Board of Trustees heard the following presentations.

I. Information Item: Presentation by Dr. Bill Brundage, Commissioner, Office of the New Economy

President Ramsey introduced Dr. Bill Brundage, Commissioner of the Office of the New Economy. Dr. Ramsey recognized Dr. Brundage's keen ability to understand how research and development (R&D) can translate into commercialization and new jobs, and how critical it is to create the workforce necessary to sustain the process. Dr. Ramsey summarized Dr. Brundage's long-time commitment and experience with creating high wage jobs in technology-based businesses.

Dr. Brundage discussed the key elements of Kentucky's strategic plan, which includes R&D, commercialization, and workforce improvement. He shared the following five technology clusters in which to look for niche areas of potential growth

  • Human health and development

  • Biosciences

  • Information technology and communications

  • Environmental and energy technologies

  • Materials science and advanced manufacturing

Dr. Brundage noted that the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute fits into a niche area. Successful implementation, however, depends upon the medical and business communities. Vice Chair Bridgeman thanked Dr. Brundage for expanding research in Kentucky, particularly with his involvement with the youth of Kentucky. Mr. Bridgeman also observed the need for UofL to become a research powerhouse in the next decade. Dr. Brundage reiterated that without research success, Kentucky will not participate in the life science economy of the future.

Dr. Brundage stated a need for a model youth program, referencing the University's goal to build its basketball program by utilizing role models, entrepreneurs and summer camps. In response to Ms. Worland's inquiry about using the Governors Scholars program, Dr. Brundage agreed that that program produced outstanding individuals and it would be utilized.

In response to Ms. Abrams inquiry about targeting middle school students, Dr. Brundage supported her observation that school districts need to develop partnerships that include middle school student populations.

II. Information Item: Presentation by Dr. Scott Whittemore, Endowed Chair,
Professor, Neurological Surgery

In President Ramsey's introduction of Dr. Whittemore, he acknowledged Dr. Whittemore's help in Frankfort with the Bucks for Brains and Stem Cell Research legislations. Before coming to UofL, Dr. Whittemore was at the University of Miami School of Medicine with one of the most prestigious research teams in the field of spinal cord injury. In 1998, UofL recruited Dr. Whittemore as the Henry D. Garretson Endowed Chair in neurological surgery. In addition to serving on numerous editorial boards for national journals in the neuroscience fields, Dr. Whittemore serves on grant review committees for the National Institutes of Health, Veterans Administration, and the National Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and has collaborated with the Frazier Rehab Center on a proposal to expand the Neuroscience Clinical Laboratory at Frazier. His team has current NIH funding of more than $10 million, with a pending application for an additional $7.5 million.

Dr. Whittemore serves as the scientific director of the Neurological Surgery Department and Dr. Shields is the clinical director. Dr. Whittemore said that he came to UofL to fulfill a dream and noted that all his work is very carefully reviewed and discussed with partners around the country. UofL is an exciting place to be and he thanked the Board for its support. He then presented a powerpoint summary of his research effort. After his presentation, he acknowledged the excellent partnership of Vice Presidents Kaplan and Martin.

Dr. Shields recognized the funding opportunity created because $12.50 of every speeding ticket goes to support spinal cord injury research. He noted through Bucks for Brains resources, the school has brought in the best and brightest researchers in spinal cord injury. He shared his optimism for giving spinal cord injury patients something to hope for.

President Ramsey thanked Drs. Shields and Whittemore not only for their work and the impact it has had on economic development, but also the impact on the quality of life for Kentucky citizens. President Ramsey recognized Senator Shaughnessy's legislative sponsorship in the passage of the speeding ticket surcharge.

Vice President Kaplan reported that Dr. Whittemore was the first Bucks for Brains endowed chair recruited to the Health Sciences Center. Dr. Kaplan explained the progress made in the past five years has been truly amazing. On behalf of the Board, Vice Chair Bridgeman thanked Dr. Whittemore for his dedication and service.

Vice President Martin noted that not only is the university interested in grant funding, but also very interested in quality research all across university. She supported Dr. Whittemore as a clearly quality individual. Dr. Whittemore received a round of applause from the Board.

III. Report of the President

Enrollment Management Strategy Update

President Ramsey stated that with the recent publicity about affirmative action and admisions policies at universities, he and his staff thought it might be useful to provide information on UofL's enrollment profile. President Ramsey noted that education is the key driver to the state's public agenda, which includes workforce development, more educated Kentuckians, and the creation of research & development capacity. He said UofL has not focused on increasing undergraduate enrollment, but increasing graduate student enrollment while increasing the quality of undergraduate student education. The Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) measures how well the universities are doing. He reviewed the CPE indicators and the progress being made in the following five areas:

  • Are more Kentuckians ready for Postsecondary Education?

  • Are more students enrolling?

  • Are more students advancing through the system?

  • Are we preparing Kentuckians for life and work?

  • Are Kentucky's communities and economy benefiting?

All are complicated issues; UofL fares well according to the data available at the most recent CPE meeting. Dr. Ramsey said that although increasing the number of undergraduates is not a part of the focus, the University is doing well in this area. He reported the enrollment of graduate and professional level students has increased. With regard to persistence in completing their education, students are making their way through the system. This is important to recruitment and retention.

He observed that approximately one-half of Metropolitan College students are JCC students. Once the students make the transition, the six-year graduation rates improve.

Vice President Gifford noted the following statistics of the Fall 2002 Freshman Class:

  • Number of freshmen enrolled: 2251

  • GPA Mean: 3.38

  • ACT Mean: 23.2

  • African American enrollment: 13.2%

  • Freshmen living on campus: 49.9%

Dr. Gifford further reported the ACT average has grown substantially since 1999, and the University has surpassed its Challenge for Excellence intermediate goal. The success was directly related to hard work, scholarship monies, strong encouragement and dedicated staff. She commented that although the University has made substantial progress, it has much more to do. She shared the following undergraduate African American enrollment percentages, noting the current year enrollment is the highest percentage enrolled for the past ten years:

1998 = 12.6%
1999 = 12.8%
2000 = 13.1%
2001 = 13.3%
2002 = 13.7%

In recognizing the recent media attention regarding various court cases, Acting Provost Willihnganz articulated the University of Louisville's primary interest is academic readiness. Dr. Willihnganz stated that although the University desires a diverse student profile, it doesn't utilize quotas or a point system. Mr. Green applauded the University and staff for their work and dedication in this area. Dr. Gifford commended the admissions staff and Assistant Vice President for Student Services, Dr. Ronnie Sutton, for their hard work. Ms. Worland expressed her appreciation to Executive Director of Admissions Jenny Sawyer for her passion and dedication in working with the recruits in the Northern Kentucky area. The Board recognized all with a round of applause.

Capital Construction Progress

President Ramsey shared the following status report:

  • The Belknap Research Building is targeted for a groundbreaking ceremony for May 8, 2003. The ceremony would follow the board meeting that day to make it convenient for Board members to attend.

  • The University has begun interviewing architects and engineers for the program design phase of the HSC Research Building III. Target date to get the program design underway is April, 2003.

  • The revised scope and design project for the natatorium will be completed by May 15, 2003, with anticipated construction to begin by early to mid fall.

  • Cardinal Hall construction is underway and a mid-August completion is expected.

Conference USA

President Ramsey informed the Board that as the host school, the UofL Suite will be open throughout the tournament as a hospitality suite for conference presidents, Board members, and other members of the official parties. He encouraged Board members to visit the suite when attending the games. Staff will distribute a schedule of activities.

Cardiovascular Innovation Institute Partnership

President Ramsey described the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute as a joint agreement among Kentucky's Office of the New Economy, Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services, and the University of Louisville. It builds upon the pioneering work of Dr. Laman Gray and his cardiac team. Dr. Ramsey recognized Dr. Laman Gray, who received a round of applause. The Institute has received a grant from the Office of the New Economy for $5 million. Dr. Ramsey acknowledged Dr. Bill Brundage, who received a round of applause. Dr. Ramsey reported the Institute will receive a federal earmark, with assistance from Senator McConnell, for $1.5 million this year, with the possibility of a renewal for next year. There is also potential for additional federal earmarks for the Institute as it evolves. Dr. Ramsey recognized Mr. Larry Cox, State Director for Senator McConnell. Mr. Cox received a round of applause. Dr. Ramsey further noted that Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services has preliminarily committed $15 million, which the Jewish board will act on later this month. Dr. Ramsey recognized Mr. Hank Wagner, President and CEO of Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services. Dr. Ramsey then asked Vice President Kaplan to brief the board about the concept of the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute.

Vice President Kaplan attested to the long and successful partnership between UofL and Jewish Hospital, noting this partnership will lead the country in the area of cardiac assist devices. He observed the partnership is quite complex. From the University's position, it included the collaboration between the School of Medicine and the Speed Scientific School. From Jewish Hospital's position, it reaches out to the whole cardiovascular team, building on the success of surgeon, Dr. Laman Gray. The Institute represents a major business activity with key involvement from the Kentucky Office of New Economy and the federal government. The Institute will be located on Muhammad Ali Boulevard, near Floyd Street and across from the Lyons Eye Building. The Institute will foster development of commercial enterprises related to cardiac assist device development and testing. Dr. Kaplan acknowledged the important partnership of the Office of the New Economy in commercialization of technology. The Institute will be a not-for-profit corporation and its need for operating capital is significant. He estimated the cost for start-up and the first five years to be approximately $22 million. Jewish Hospital has committed to $1 million per year and has asked UofL and the Office of New Economy to commit the same. Dr. Kaplan outlined current operating funds as follows:

  • $5 million over five years committed by Jewish Hospital provided best efforts made by UofL and the Office of New Economy to make matching commitment

  • $5 million to be raised jointly by Jewish Hospital Foundation and UofL

  • $20 million total start-up for first five years

Dr. Kaplan described the current work in progress and acknowledged the involvement of Vice President Owsley with respect to the construction. Vice President Kaplan expressed his appreciation to the Board for its support of the project.

Dr. Kaplan displayed an artist's rendering of the building, noting the Institute will include an expanded large-animal research facility plus three or four floors for research, training and administrative space. The large-animal facility will be funded through $5 million from the Office of New Economy and the research and training space will be built with a $15 million investment from Jewish Hospital. The entire facility will be equipped with the latest technology through two appropriations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services secured by Senator Mitch McConnell.

Mr. Wagner expressed his sincere appreciation to all persons involved in the project. He acknowledged the excellent leadership of President Ramsey for pulling this together at a much faster speed than imagined. Mr. Cox articulated Senator McConnell's interest in Dr. Gray's work. He appreciated the superb relationship UofL has fostered with the Senator's office. He acknowledged Vice President Martin in working with the Senate through the appropriations process. He said the Senator is extremely proud to have a role in this project. Vice President Kaplan also expressed his gratitude for Senator McConnell's support of this project.

Dr. Gray shared his enthusiasm for the ability to integrate the Speed Scientific School and the School of Medicine in this multidisciplinary project. He reported the National Institutes of Health contacted his office recently to set up an advisory committee for cardiac assist devices. He will have the opportunity to lead national policy in this area.

President Ramsey thanked Drs. Bill Brundage, Joel Kaplan, Gray, and Martin and Messrs. Altman, Cox and Warren for their outstanding work on this project.

State Budget

President Ramsey discussed his recent trip to Frankfort to attend the House A&R Committee review of Bucks for Brains. He reported the budget, although originally only $60 million, includes $120 million for Bucks for Brains. The Board applauded this news. President Ramsey further reported the House has base cuts of 2.6% in the current year and 3.8% into the second year for higher education. He expressed the need to start identifying how to manage the cuts, especially in terms of recurring years. Campus community groups have been discussing options, which currently are available on UofL's website.

Ms Abrams shared the excellent reports she has received from Frankfort legislators concerning the work President Ramsey is doing. She further noted that some of the work has been in conjunction with the University of Kentucky.

IV. Call to Order

Mr. Marlin arrived at 2:28 p.m. Having determined a quorum present, Vice Chair Bridgeman called the meeting to order.

V. Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes:

  • Minutes from Special Board meeting, 11/14/2002 (correction)

  • Minutes from Board meeting, 11/25/2002

  • Minutes from Special Executive Committee meeting, 12/10/02

  • Minutes from Special Board meeting, 1/09/03

From the Personnel Committee

  • Monthly Personnel Recommendations

From the Finance Committee
  • Approval of Phased Retirement of Faculty

From the Audit Committee
  • Approval of Audited Financial Statements

From the Academic and Student Affairs Committee
  • Approval of Ph.D. in Humanities

  • Approval of Name Change of the School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Vice Chair Bridgeman asked the Board members if any consent items needed to be removed for separate discussion. Hearing no requests, Mr. Mulloy made a motion, which Mr. Ensign seconded, to approve the consent agenda. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Action Item: Approval of the Board Resolution for Issuance of

  • Consolidated Educational Buildings Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series M

  • Housing Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series E, Series F, and Series G

President Ramsey reported that at the January Finance Committee, the Committee approved the refunding resolutions for these bonds. He noted these resolutions authorize the President or his designee to make any technical changes that might be required and to execute the necessary actions for the proposed bond sale. President Ramsey expressed his appreciation to Vice President Owsley and his team for their dedication and hard work. Vice President Owsley recognized the excellent work and collaboration of Mr. Bill Guy, Mr. Stan Kramer from the Kentucky First Securities, Mr. Sujyot S. Patel and Mr. Dirk M. Bedarff, Attorneys, Peck, Shaffer & Williams. Mr. Green made a motion, which Mr. Cogan seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board authorize: (1) "Series Resolutions of Board of Trustees of University of Louisville Authorizing University of Louisville Housing System Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series E, Series F and Series G" in substantially the form as attached and (2) the President or his designee to make any technical changes that might be required to execute the proposed bond sale.

The motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Snowden made a motion, which Ms. Abrams seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board authorize: (1) "Series Resolution Relating to University of Louisville Consolidated Education Buildings Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series M" in substantially the form as attached and (2) the President or his designee to make any technical changes that might be required to execute the proposed bond sale.

The motion passed unanimously.

VII. Approval of Recommendation Regarding Security Clearance and Managerial Group

President Ramsey reported this resolution updates the "Managerial Group" of the University of Louisville with full authority and responsibility for administering contracts involving access to classified material. The persons designated in the managerial group will be required to undergo government security clearance if they have not already done so. Due to the high cost of these clearances to the government-both in terms of money and tying up personnel-the Federal Government would prefer to avoid processing security clearances for every director. Ms. Snowden made a motion, which Mr. Cogan seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board of Trustees adopt the attached Resolution revising the Managerial Group of the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville and waiving of security clearance for directors not a part of the managerial group; and

That the President be authorized to take any other steps necessary with regard to agreements or assurances to the Defense Investigative Service to effect the facility security clearance of the University of Louisville and clearance of its personnel including compliance with the provisions of the Industrial Security Manual or other Federal government policy relating to safeguarding of classified information.

The motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Action Item: Approval of Cardiovascular Innovation Institute

President Ramsey reported the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute is a joint agreement among Kentucky's Office of the New Economy (ONE), Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services (JHHS), and the University of Louisville (UofL) that builds upon the pioneering work of Drs. Laman Gray and Rob Dowling and their cardiac care team. The Institute has received a grant from ONE for $5 million and, with the help of Senator McConnell, a federal earmark of $1.5 million to launch the CII. In order to preserve the state funding, the institutions have committed preliminarily to pursue the creation of the Institute. The request is for the Board to approve officially the partnership, in concept, with JHHS and ONE to establish the Cardiovascular Innovations Institute. Ms. Abrams made a motion, which Ms. Snowden seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board approve, in concept, the partnership agreement (attached) with Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services and the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Office of the New Economy to create the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII).

The motion passed unanimously.

IX. Report of the Chairman

Vice Chair Bridgeman noted the next board committee meetings are March 13, 2003. Staff will distribute the specific meeting times as soon as it is available.

X. Executive Session

Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f), Ms. Abrams made a motion, which Ms. Worland seconded, to go into executive session to discuss personnel recommendations. The motion passed unanimously.

XI. Open Meeting Reconvenes

Vice Chair Bridgeman reported the Board discussed personnel recommendations. Ms. Abrams made a motion, which Ms. Worland seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve the personnel recommendations as follows:


School of Medicine

Ramesh Gupta, Ph.D., University of Roorkee, India; Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, with tenure, and Agness Brown Duggan Chair of Oncological Research, April 1, 2003.


College of Education and Human Development

John F. Welsh, Ph.D., Acting Dean, College of Education and Human Development; promotion form Associate Professor to Professor, Department of Leadership, Foundations, and Human Resource Education, July 1, 2003. (The appointment as Acting Dean is at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees.)

The motion passed unanimously.

XII. Adjournment

Ms. Worland made a motion, which Ms. Hagen seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 3:20 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

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