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Minutes -- May 24, 2002 -- Board of Trustess -- University of Louisville

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10:00 a.m., May 24, 2002
Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall

The Board of Trustees met in a special meeting on Friday, May 24, 2002, at 10:00 a.m. in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall with members present and absent as follows:

Present: Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr., Vice Chair, Presiding
Ms. Linda Wallbaum Cauble
Mr. Kevin Cogan
Dr. Richard Feldhoff
Mr. Owsley Brown Frazier
Mr. Chris Marlin
Mr. J. Chester Porter
Ms. Sandy Metts Snowden
Mr. Darryl Owens
Mr. Nathaniel Green
Ms. Melissa Long Shuter
Via Phone: Ms. Jessica S. Loving
Absent: Ms. Marie Abrams
Mr. Grant Helman
Mr. Milton M. Livingston
Mr. William Mulloy, Sr.
Ms. Joyce Hagen Schifano
Ms. Annette Schnatter
Ms. Elizabeth Worland
Ms. Mary Yarmuth
From the University:
Dr. John Shumaker, President
Dr. Carol Garrison, Provost
Ms. Angela Koshewa, University Counsel
Mr. Tom Jurich, Director of Athletics
Mr. Larry L. Owsley, Vice President for Finance &    Administration
Mr. Eugene Gilchrist, Vice President for New Ventures
Dr. Denise Gifford, Vice President for Student Affairs
Mr. Mike Curtin, Director, Office of Planning & Budget
Mr. Dave Barker, Director, Audit Services
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz, Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Ms. Rae Goldsmith, Associate Vice President for    Communications & Marketing
Ms. Susan Ingram, Office of Planning & Budget
Ms. Carolyn Cochran, Office of the Provost
Mrs. Kathleen M. Smith, Assistant Secretary
Ms. Trisha Wolf, Board Liaison
Mrs. Debbie Dougherty, Board Liaison

I. Call to Order

Vice Chair Bridgeman called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m.

II. Action Item: Approval of a Long Term Athletics Financial Plan

President Shumaker stated that since the April Board of Trustees meeting, university personnel and student representatives have worked hard to bring closure to the issue of a tuition increase for an athletics fee. He acknowledged the very positive, helpful and constructive assistance of the student representatives. Dr. Shumaker expressed appreciation to Provost Carol Garrison, Athletics Director Tom Jurich, and Vice President for New Ventures Gene Gilchrist.

Vice President Gilchrist confirmed that since the last Finance committee meeting, the President and Provost conducted extensive consultation with students, staff, faculty community members and trustees. The parties agreed to a proposal based on an analysis of athletic program spending, revenue sources, academic and competitive success compared to other university athletic programs. He noted the proposal was part of budget planning conducted by the athletics program and the university.

Trustee Chris Marlin, Student Government Association (SGA) president, stated the relationship between UofL students and the Department of Athletics continues to grow. He hopes to see the natatorium construction begin in the near future. He said the SGA does not believe that students should bear the weight of the Athletics Department, but is pleased that administration continued to honor its commitment to maintain an undergraduate tuition cap increase of 7%. Students can continue to plan for their future knowing the anticipated tuition costs.

Vice Chair Bridgeman acknowledged the excellent cooperation among students, athletics and administration in this undertaking. Trustee Green congratulated all parties involved in the effort for a job well done. Trustee Frazier also offered his congratulations, noting the complex nature of the solution and recognizing the common good it accomplished. Chair Loving, participating via teleconference, thanked the students for their incredible contribution. Mr. Owens made a motion, which Ms. Snowden seconded, to approve the

President's recommendation that the Board of Trustees adopt an additional tuition increase in each of the next four years as follows: $25, $35 (+$10), $45 (+$10), and $50 (+$5). The first tuition increase would be effective in the Fall of 2002, implemented on a per credit hour basis, with subsequent increases in the Fall of 2003, 2004, and 2005 respectively. The tuition increase will be a part of a plan to provide a structurally balanced, long-term financial plan for University Athletics. These tuition increases will "sunset" in July 2006, and will be evaluated along with the budget plan, for possible action by the Board at that time. The evaluation, and any proposed action, will be presented to the Student Senate prior to action by the Board of Trustees.

The motion passed.

III. Adjournment

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:23 a.m.

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