UofL supports increased cigarette tax (video)


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Dr. Jim Ramsey, President of the University of Louisville

Hello, I’m Jim Ramsey, president of the University of Louisville. We all know these are difficult financial times. Our economy in Kentucky is suffering and there’s no easy answer to these problems. For our university community, we are facing budget cuts and perhaps even more. There’s a way you can help. We need your support for an increase in the cigarette tax.

The cigarette tax is important for several reasons. Number one, there is data that proves an increase in cigarette tax will stop teen smoking. Teen smoking is a big problem in our state. Secondly, the cigarette tax in our state is lower than the surrounding states and lower than the national average. It’s an easy way for us to raise revenue to avoid deep budget cuts for higher education, for all of education.

It’s a healthcare issue. It’s a financial issue. So, we at the University of Louisville are supporting the cigarette tax proposal that’s been submitted by the governor to the general assembly.

Times are tight. But we can’t let that stop us from doing what’s right for Kentucky. And now the time is right for an increase in the cigarette tax. Thank you for supporting the University of Louisville and Go Cards.

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