Ramsey outlines plans to take UofL to 2020 in State of the University address

Ramsey outlines plans to take UofL to 2020 in State of University address

September 9th, 2008


The processional makes it way to Comstock Hall for the State of the University address.

University of Louisville President James Ramsey talked about the challenges and successes of the past year in his annual State of the University address Sept. 9. He also committed UofL to reach the “double the numbers” goals set by the Council on Postsecondary Education and detailed in the 2020 Plan, UofL’s new strategic plan.

Ramsey noted that the day marked the fifth anniversary of his inauguration.

“The marching order given to me by the Board [of Trustees] when I was asked to serve as president was to stay the course — implement the Challenge for Excellence,” he said.

Over the past year, he continued, “we achieved a special milestone” — marking the end of the Challenge for Excellence, the plan that guided UofL for the last decade. The board also approved as its successor the 2020 Plan.

The 2020 Plan, Ramsey said, positions UofL to meet Council on Postsecondary Education goals for the university to “double its numbers.”

Ramsey said that by 2020, UofL is committed to:

  • graduate 3,100 undergraduates per year
  • award 350 doctoral degrees per year
  • transform campus life with 32 percent of its students living on campus
  • have 60 nationally recognized programs
  • recruit 180 nationally recognized research scholars
  • increase total research funding to $400 million
  • expand programming in downtown Louisville and other Kentucky cities through the City Solutions Institute
  • meet the 13 goals set for the Signature Partnership Initiative
  • increase its endowment
  • spur economic development

In addition to meeting its goals to increase numbers, Ramsey said that UofL will pursue “with increased determination” Phi Beta Kappa status and National Cancer Institute designation.

“Phi Beta Kappa status reaffirms that, while research and service are vital to our mission, we continue to offer our students the very best undergraduate educational experience,” he said. “NCI designation reaffirms our commitment to the community through excellence in cancer prevention programs, groundbreaking cancer research and the best in cancer care.”

Ramsey also committed UofL to being “the leader in preparing students to live and work in our global society, with emphasis on cultural diversity, international study and social justice.”

He closed his address by calling on the university community to move forward as one university and community with one common set of objectives.

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(Editor’s Note: Video and audio of Ramsey’s address will be available in the coming days.)

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