Inauguration of Paul Patton - Pikeville

February 16, 2010

Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to participate in the inauguration of Governor Paul Patton as President of Pikeville College.

Paul, congratulations!

More importantly, thank you for your foresight, courage and all you did as Governor – thank you for your leadership on the Postsecondary Education Reform Act of 1997. I can speak very specifically from the perspective of the University of Louisville – this legislation had the most positive impact of anything that has happened in the 200+ year history of the University of Louisville.

This afternoon I have the privilege to introduce another great Kentuckian, Hal Rogers. Hal Rogers is a great Kentucky success story.

  • Born in Monticello, Kentucky
  • Attended Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky.
  • Served in the United States Army National Guard.
  • Practiced law.
  • Served as a Commonwealth Attorney.
  • Elected to the United States Congress in 1981.

All of Kentucky – all of Kentucky – has benefited from the tireless work/efforts of Congressman Hal Rogers. Hal is one of those individuals – like Paul Patton – who understands that education and jobs go hand in hand. Education and jobs have been the primary focus of Hal Rogers over his 29 years of service to the people of this state. Hal has focused his efforts on the very important 5th Congressional district but the benefits of Hal's efforts are felt statewide.

For example, we at the University of Louisville remember well the day when Hal brought together a group of university presidents to talk about creating the Institute for Hometown Security. This institute today is providing benefits to not just people across the Commonwealth of Kentucky but, through the translational research being done, is benefitting our entire nation.

Hal and I have had the opportunity to talk and agree that the communities of the 5th Congressional district and my hometown, Louisville, are in many ways alike – we both must continually address economic issues, education, health care issues, and we both have pockets of poverty. In one case urban, the other case rural. Work together – great partner for all of Kentucky.

Hal has a wonderful and beautiful partner in Cynthia.

Hal has done so much, so many things for which we, the Commonwealth of Kentucky are thankful, but I would introduce to you the honorable and distinguished Representative of the 5th Congressional district of Kentucky by just saying, "He's just one heck of a great guy."

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