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In Open Session

The University of Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors met on Monday, June 5, 2006 at 12 Noon in the Jefferson Room, Grawemeyer Hall, Belknap Campus, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:                        Dr. James Ramsey, Chair
                                    Mr. Bob Benson
                                    Prof. Beth Boehm
                                    Ms. Bev Daly
                                    Mr. Burt Deutsch
                                    Mr. Owsley B. Frazier
                                    Mr. Gordon Gahm
                                    Prof. Brenda Hart
                                    Dr. J. Blaine Hudson
                                    Mr. D. Harry Jones
                                    Mr. Tom Jurich, ex offico
                                    Prof. Bruce Kemelgor
                                    Prof. Glenda Neely
                                    Mr. Larry Owsley
                                    Prof. George Raque
                                    Ms. Annette Schnatter
                                    Mr. Mike Seebert
                                    Prof. Robert Stenger
                                    Prof. Richard Stremel
                                    Prof. Gerald Tolson
                                    Mr. Greg Virgin
                                    Dr. Shirley Willihnganz
                                    Prof. Elaine Wise

Absent:             Bill Brammell
                                    Mr. Wade Houston
                                    Mr. Sam Rechter
                                    Mr. Grant Helman
                                    Mr. Wade Houston
                                    Ms. Julie Hermann

Also Attending: Mr. Bill Stone, Trustee

From the                     
University:                    Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
                                    Mr. Kevin Miller
                                    Ms. Kathleen Smith
                                    Mr. Lamar Daniel
                                    Mr. Terry Velette
                                    Ms. Alice Clark
                                    Ms. Anne Rademaker
                                    Mr. Darrell Messer
                                    Mr. Mike Curtin
                                    Mr. Gary Friedman
                                    Mr. Kenny Klein
                                    Ms. Debbie Dougherty

I.          Convene Meeting                                                                                                        

            Having determined a quorum present, Chair Ramsey called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.

II.         Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes

  • Board of Directors, February 23, 2006

From the Finance & Budget Committee

  • Action Item:  Approval of Purchase of Lockers
  • Action Item:  Approval of 2006-07 Operating Budget
  • Action Item:  Approval of Men’s Basketball Tickets for 2006
  • Action Item:  Approval of Purchase of Bus/Transportation

From the Personnel Committee

  • Annual Evaluation of the Athletic Director

Chairman Ramsey read the roll of consent agenda items and asked that the annual evaluation of the Athletic Director be removed for separate discussion.  Hearing no objection, Prof. Hudson made a motion, which Mr. Jones seconded, to approve the consent agenda as amended.

 III.      Report of the Title IX Consultant          

Mr. Daniel reported that it has been a pleasure working with the University of Louisville.  He noted that there was significant room for improvement when he began, and the growth since then has been phenomenal.  He referenced the new natatorium, the baseball and softball indoor batting cages and the lacrosse facility as examples of outstanding changes to the facility complex.  Mr. Jurich thanked Mr. Daniel for his counsel on the men’s indoor track.  This new track will attract the best student-athletes in track and field.  Mr. Jones asked where the university ranked regarding Title IX compliance.  Mr. Daniel reported that, of the many he has monitored, no school has executed a better plan than UofL. 
            Chairman Ramsey thanked Mr. Daniel for his report.

IV.       Report of the Committee on Academic Performance                

            Prof. Wise provided the following report:

The Committee on Academic Performance met on the third Tuesday of each month.  In 2005, the Committee met on July 19, September 20, October 18, November 15, and December 20. In 2006, the Committee met on January 17, February 21, March 21, and April 18.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2006.  Among its regular duties, the Committee received, discussed, and acted upon the following matters:
--U of L Cohort reports for Spring, Summer, and Fall, tracing student-athlete grade point averages and graduation rates for the last five years.
--Big East and NCAA Academic Performance Rate (APR) and Graduation Rate Reports.
--Student Appeal of the University 2.0 Rule.

The Committee planned, hosted, and evaluated its annual Red and Black Banquet for Scholar Athletes, held on February 17, 2006.  This event continues to be a huge success.

The Committee conducted the following reviews:

  • Annual Review of Athletic Academic Advising
  • Annual Review of Compliance Operations, including Secondary Violation Reports
  • Review of Student-Athlete Exit Interview Information
  • Review of coaching staff commitment to academics.
  • Review of the Big East Transfer and Non-Qualifier Policies.

The Committee also engaged in the following activities and took the following actions:
--Revision of the student-athlete Excused Absence letter to faculty and of the reporting process.
--Recommendation to sponsor a chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma, the National
Student-Athlete Honor Society.
--Appeal to the Big East, through the FAR Council, to include a waiver process for student-athletes in the Intra-conference Transfer Policy.
--Review of NCAA Certification Plans for Improvement, with a focus on FAR and CAP responsibilities.
--Discussion of the Faculty Senate proposed revision of the Excused Absence Policy,
with suggested emendations.

With respect to the Excused Absence Policy, the Committee will conduct a more thorough review of the academic commitment of the coaching staff; will continue to seek improvements in the exit interview process; and will rewrite the Certification Plan for review of academic impact statements in order to focus on the impact of missed-class-time on academic performance.

In addition to her role as chair of CAP, and among her many functions, Prof. Wise has engaged in the following activities: 

  • Met with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee to hear their concerns;  Administered the Coaches Certification Exam to every coach, and discussed with them U of L academic procedures and policies in order to promote “one university”; 
  • Met with each team at its first Compliance meeting, to discuss with them the role of the FAR and strategies for achieving academic excellence; 
  • Reviewed and signed off on eligibility for every student athlete, every waiver appeal, and formal reports to the NCAA;  Reviewed all secondary violation reports;
  • Participated in NCAA and Big East Compliance and Rules Seminars; Attended the NCAA Convention as U of L’s Delegate;
  • Attended the Faculty Athletic Representative Association Annual Meeting; Attended three Big East FAR meetings to review and vote on legislation;
  • Attended at least one competition in every sport at U of L; 
  • Served on the Big East’s Academic Affairs Committee, a committee which selects recipients of Big East academic awards; 
  • Wrote nominations for student-athlete for NCAA postgraduate scholarships and met with seniors to discuss graduate and professional school opportunities; 
  • Met with the Provost’s Liaison for Athletics to review every student-athlete’s and every team’s performance for spring, summer, and fall semesters;
  • Met with the Director of Student Services and his staff to facilitate good practices in the preparation of student-athlete data;
  • Advised the President and Provost on matters related to athletics; Advised the Athletic Director on matters related to student athlete welfare and academic integrity; 
  • Reported monthly to the Faculty Senate; and
  • Served on the Big East Facilities Committee.

Professor Wise recognized the service of two members of the Committee on Academic Performance, whose terms will end June 30:  Dr. Richard Stremel, School of Medicine, and Professor Glenda Neely, Libraries.  They have served with distinction and will be missed.  Chairman Ramsey thanked Professor Wise for her report.

V.        Report of the Athletic Director             

Mr. Jurich reported on the excellence of the University’s athletic program, which competed for eight different national titles this year and twelve teams were ranked nationally.  Mr. Jurich thanked Kenny Klein for his direction, which has helped make the university’s program the most exposed on national television.  The football team had a successful year winning nine games.  From an academic standpoint, Mr. Jurich couldn’t be more pleased.  He acknowledged Marvin Mitchell for his phenomenal work with academics.  Student-athletes’ graduation rates continue to climb.  Mr. Jurich expressed his appreciation for Professor Wise’s excellent work in supporting athletics directions.  The new facilities are a vibrant source of activity and will help the University by improving the campus aesthetically and by recruiting top gender equity competitions.  Coach Tom Collen will move into space currently used by men basketball.  Mr. Jurich thanked the University, saying it is a privilege to be the athletic director.   Chairman Ramsey thanked Mr. Jurich for a good report.

VIII.     Report of the Chairman                                    

President Ramsey recognized Bill Brammell, Greg Virgin, Glenda Neely and Rick Stremel for their dedicated service to the University as board members of the University of Louisville Athletic Association.  Prof. Kemelgor made a motion, which Prof. Raque seconded, to approve the following resolution in appreciation of their service:

Bill Brammell, Greg Virgin, Glenda Neely and Rick Stremel

WHEREAS , Bill Brammell, Greg Virgin, Glenda Neely and Rick Stremel have served the University of Louisville Athletic Association with distinction as members of the ULAA Board of Directors, and provided substantial service to the Board during their terms;

WHEREAS , in their capacities as members of the Board, they have served faithfully and well, including on all committee assignments;

WHEREAS, they represented the position of their constituencies with balance and conviction at all times, and served as advocates for the welfare of university students and faculty;

WHEREAS , they provided invaluable advice to the President, shared their insight and experience with the University of Louisville leadership team, and always gave their loyal support to the University thereby winning the deep respect of their fellow Board members; 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED , that the Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc. hereby expresses its sincere admiration and deep appreciation to Bill Brammell, Greg Virgin, Glenda Neely and Rick Stremel for their many contributions and able performance as Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED , that personalized copies of this Resolution, appropriately signed, be presented to Mr. Brammell, Mr. Virgin, Ms. Neely and Mr. Stremel.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Chair recognized the outstanding year that Mr. Jurich had and asked Mr. Seebert to summarize Mr. Jurich’s contributions this past year.

IX. Report of the Personnel Committee

Chairman Ramsey asked Mr. Seebert to report on the Personnel Committee’s evaluation of the Athletic Director.  Mr. Seebert reported the Committee conducted its annual evaluation of the Athletic Director and discussed goals for 2006-07.  Mr. Seebert provided the following summary:
Last week, the Personnel Committee met to evaluate the 2005-06 performance of Athletic Director Thomas M. Jurich.  The committee discussed Mr. Jurich’s written self-assessment and the written evaluation of his performance as submitted by the Chairs of the Committees on Finance & Budget and Academic Performance.  Subsequent to the Personnel Committee meeting, the Chair of the Personnel Committee and the Chair of the Board of Directors met with Mr. Jurich to review the results of his performance evaluation and to discuss Cardinal Athletics goals for 2006-07.

The Personnel Committee applauded Mr. Jurich’s strengths in recruiting and retaining outstanding senior leadership, from coaches to administrators, and engaging the professional athletic staff to achieve at the highest levels in academic performance, gender equity, NCAA compliance, and community support for athletic initiatives.  Mr. Jurich’s commitment to enhance the marketing opportunities of Cardinal Athletics, especially through Nelligan Sports Marketing, continues to yield substantial increases in conference and other new sources of revenue. 

Committee members praised the AD’s efforts to enhance the reputation of UofL Athletics through participation in the Big East Conference, which has a potential for developing collaborative programmatic relationships with premier nationally-recognized universities.  Mr. Jurich’s commitment to all sports competing at the highest level has resulted most recently in state-of-the art facilities, e.g., Patterson Stadium, Wright Natatorium, Trager Fieldhouse, and the Yum! Basketball Practice addition. 
The hallmark of a state university is public accountability throughout its units.   Mr. Jurich has demonstrated that Cardinal Athletics administers a structurally responsible budget that projects balanced revenues and expenses and achieves results.  The Committee reiterated its praise for the A.D.’s prudent fiscal management and his financial reserve strategies.

Mr. Jurich, his senior staff, and all the Cardinal Coaches represent the University and Athletics extremely well.  The message they communicate supports the joint interests of the University and Cardinal Athletics; their commitment to academic accomplishment, athletic achievement, and accountability in all areas of operation contributes to an image of quality throughout the University.  This team effort is directly attributable to Mr. Jurich’s exemplary leadership.

            The AD’s goals for 2006-07, as discussed with Mr. Jurich, are presented as follows:

  • Continue to be pro-active in building on our foundation in the Big East Conference and the new relationships there to take leadership roles and host championship events.  We want to be a very strong member of the league.


  • Continue to work with Lamar Daniel and be ever vigilant in our commitment to Title IX and Gender Equity and to continue our exemplary record in compliance.
  • Continue to support Marvin Mitchell and his staff in our quest for academic excellence

and increased graduation rates.

  • Oversee plans for the Yum! Center to be sure the new practice facility is completed.


5.  Begin a process that I believe will take a minimum of three years to increase the CAF
      membership from 8,000 to 10,000.

  • Further develop our business relationship with the Louisville Arena Authority in order to develop a Memorandum of Understanding that can be finalized by long-term lease agreement to protect our interests in a new arena.


  • Although not much progress was made this past year, we want to continue to work to improve on-campus food service for our student-athletes that is comparable to other Big East schools and that better fits the needs and schedules of our teams.
  • Continue to develop plans for possible football stadium expansion so that we are ready to proceed when the demand dictates.


  • Implement the women’s lacrosse program and hire a nationally recognized coach, to begin competition in the Spring of 2008.
  • Begin the planning and development process for the field hockey facility addition.


  • Pursue business relationships with developers for a partnership to complete a new boathouse on the riverfront for our rowing team.
  • Begin the planning and development process for the new men’s and women’s golf center at the Cardinal Club.


  • Continue to monitor our progress in all areas of recommendations from the NCAA Certification Steering Committee.
  • Continue every effort to keep Athletics as an integral part of the “One University.”


Chair Ramsey thanked Mr. Seebert for an excellent report and expressed deep gratitude for Mr. Jurich’s service to the University and the Athletic Department. 

X.        Adjournment

Prof. Stenger made a motion, which Mr. Gahm seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 1:15 p.m.
The motion passed unanimously.

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