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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the University of Louisville
Athletic Association Board of Directors

October 5, 2006

In Open Session

Member of the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors met at 9:00 a.m. on October 5, 2006, in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:            Dr. James Ramsey, Chair   
Mr. Bob Benson                                                                                    
Mr. Zach Brooks                                                           
Mr. Burt Deutsch
Mr. Brent Fryrear                                                                      
Mr. Gordon Gahm                                           
Prof. Brenda Hart                                                          
Dr. J. Blaine Hudson 
Prof Bruce Kemelgor
Mr. D. Harry Jones  
Mr. Tom Jurich, ex officio
Prof. Melissa Laning    
Mr. Darrell Messer   
Mr. Larry Owsley
Mr. Sam Rechter
Mr. Mike Seebert   
Prof. Robert Stenger
Prof. Gerald Tolson 
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz   
Prof. Elaine Wise   

Absent:             Prof. Tom Byers
                        Mr. Owsley Frazier
                        Mr. Grant Helman
                        Prof. George Raque                                                                             
                        Prof. Craig Roberts
                        Mrs. Annette Schnatter
                        Mr. Wade Houston   
                        Dr. Henry S. Enck

Attending :       Mr. Bill Stone, Trustee
From the
University:        Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
Mr. Mike Curtin
Mr. Kevin Miller
Ms. Julie Hermann
Mr. Marvin Mitchell                             
Mr. Gary Friedman    
Ms. Julie Hermann       
Mr. Kenny Klein
Mr. Kyle Moats          
Mr. Larry Zink
Ms. Anne Rademaker  
Ms. Kathleen Smith                             
Ms. Debbie Dougherty

I.          Convene Meeting

Having determined a quorum present, Chair Ramsey called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  Chair Ramsey welcomed new board members Melissa Laning, Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate, and Darrell Messer, President of the Student Government Association. 

II.         Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Minutes, Special Meeting 8/22/06

From the Finance & Budget Committee

  • Action Item:  Approval of Audited Financial Statements Year Ending
    June 30, 2006

Chair Ramsey read the roll of consent agenda items.  Hearing no objection, Dr. Hudson made a motion, which Prof. Wise seconded, to approve the agenda.  The motion passed unanimously.

III.       Report of the Academic Performance Committee

Prof. Wise reported she visited each team at its first meeting of the academic year in order to explain the role of the FAR and to promote academic commitment from each student-athlete and team.  In concert with the Office of Student Services and Athletics Compliance, Prof. Wise certified the eligibility of every student-athlete on all teams before the first competition.  At its initial meeting, the Committee on Academic Performance reviewed guidelines for the revised Excused Absence Policy, discussed issues specific to student-athletes and set its agenda for the year.  Prof. Wise thanked retiring member Beth Boehm for her dedicated service to the Committee on Academic Performance.  Chair Ramsey thanked Prof. Wise for the update.
IV.       Action Item:  Approval of Election of Officers for 2006-07

Chair Ramsey proposed the slate of officers for 2006-07.  Mr. Seebert made a motion, which Prof. Kemelgor seconded, to approve the following slate of officers:

                        James R. Ramsey                                 Chair
                        Melissa Laning                          Vice Chair
                        Robert P. Benson, Jr.                           Treasurer
                        Burt J. Deutsch                                     Secretary
                        Angela D. Koshewa                             Legal Counsel
                        Michael Curtin                          Assistant Treasurer
                        Kathleen Smith                         Assistant Secretary

            The motion passed unanimously.

V.        Information Item:  Committees for 2006-07

Chair Ramsey shared the proposed committee membership for 2006-07. 

James R. Ramsey, Chairman              Elaine O. Wise, Chair
Robert P. Benson, Jr.                         Tom Byers
Melissa Laning                                               Brenda Hart
Darrell Messer                                               Bruce Kemelgor
Burt Deutsch                                                  Melissa Laning
Brenda Hart                                                   George Raque
Grant Helman                                     Craig Roberts
Blaine Hudson                                                Bob Stenger
Elaine O. Wise                                               Gerald Tolson

Mike Seebert, Chair                                       Robert P. Benson, Jr., Chair
Henry Enck                                                    Zach Brooks
Owsley B. Frazier                                          Tom Byers
Brent Fryrear                                     Burt Deutsch  
Brenda Hart                                                   Grant Helman 
Gordon Gahm                                                Wade Houston            
George Raque                                                Blaine Hudson
Craig Roberts                                                Harry Jones  
Annette Schnatter                                           Bruce Kemelgor
Bob Stenger                                                   Larry Owsley
Shirley Willihnganz                                         Sam Rechter
Elaine O. Wise                                               Gerald Tolson
                                                                      Elaine O. Wise

VI.       Information Items

Excused Absence Policy

Mr. Mitchell distributed Excused Absence Policy materials.  One issue that surfaced related to students taking Math 111 and a change in standards.  Unlike other classes, this class must meet every day of the week, with an attendance requirement that permits only four missed classes.  Currently, there is no exception to this requirement. Field Hockey participants must miss four classes almost immediately due to their competition schedule.  Knowing this, Athletic Academic Services met with the Math department head and developed an alternative.  The course will be offered with supplemented sections during the summer; however, one issue remained that the supplemented sections were not budgeted.    

Prof. Wise stated the Committee on Academic Performance discussed this matter and didn’t have a resolution for it either.  The Committee was grateful Mr. Mitchell went to the Chair of Mathematics and together was able to resolve the scheduling problem.  She noted the reason this issue was presented to the Board now was to demonstrate how the University works as a team to ensure student-athletes are treated fairly as students.  Dean Hudson concurred this solution provided an easy option for the mathematics department.  In response to Mr. Jones’ inquiry regarding the out-of-state students, Mr. Mitchell stated because of eligibility issues, the out-of-state students would likely stay in town for summer school. 

            Food Service Update

Ms. Hermann distributed a status report on campus nutrition initiatives.  Dietitians donate their time to student-athletes to encourage good food choices.  Ms. Hermann commended Vice President Owsley for the marked improvement and notable changes in food service, but recognized there is still a need for improvement.  Chair Ramsey noted the issues raised and announced he would appoint a campus task force with a strong mandate to review these issues and report to the Board of Trustees.   Food Services affects the entire student population.  Mr. Messer said there has been increased improvement and agreed there is significant opportunity to expand on that improvement.  Vice President Owsley reported the University proposed a construction plan for a building with a cafeteria but that item was deleted during the state budget process.   Mr. Benson suggested contacting Wild Oats or another suitable health-foods entrepreneur to investigate private interest.  Chair Ramsey stated several avenues for discussion exist to address this concern.  He recognized the importance of nutrition in terms of recruiting the best students.  Chair Ramsey expressed his appreciation to Vice President Owsley and restated his intent to continue progress.  

VII.      Report of the Athletic Director

Mr. Jurich reported the new television contract includes an unprecedented deal for the University and creates tremendous visibility. 

The football program has been very successful, and Mr. Jurich complimented Coach Petrino for a terrific start.  The A.D. thanked the Board for supporting his decision last year to extend Coach Petrino’s contract.  The recent publicity in the New York Times on the day of the Miami game was exceptional.   Mr. Jurich said recruiting efforts were going well.    

Men’s and women’s soccer teams have excelled.  Women’s soccer has its first opportunity to compete in an NCAA tournament.

Field Hockey remained a ranked program. 

Cross country competed extremely well.  Coach Mann hosted the biggest cross country event in Kentucky and has positioned the team for a spot in the NCAA tournament. 

Men’s and women’s golf teams were off to great start. 

The volleyball season was going well.

Construction projects were progressing well with the oversight of Mr. Cautilli.  Athletics has begun fundraising for field hockey stadium expansion.  Coach Mann hopes to get Tom Sawyer Park built up.  Football stadium expansion discussions were ongoing.  There has been real momentum and demand for an expansion.  Athletics was well on its way to complete initial planning for the financial proposal and the advisory board has been identified.

Mr. Jurich applauded Chair Ramsey in hiring Keith Inman as the new Vice President for University Advancement.  Mr. Inman is a very competent person with so much momentum.  He was a great hire. 

Mr. Jurich noted that Cardinal Park recently was dedicated to Owsley Brown Frazier.  He hoped everyone had a chance to express their appreciation to Mr. Frazier for his support of Cardinal Athletics.  Mr. Frazier was a catalyst for all women’s sports. 

Mr. Jurich thanked Ms. Hermann for the food service report and Vice President Owsley for his work on improvements.  The A.D. thanked Mr. Mitchell for his excellent work with the student-athletes. 

VIII.     Report of the Chair

Chair Ramsey attended the cross country championship at Tom Sawyer Park and observed firsthand the tremendous job Coach Mann has done in a short period of time.  Chair Ramsey encouraged everyone to attend one of  Olympic teams’ competitions, noting it means so much to the coaches and student-athletes to have the support of the University community.

IX.       Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.


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