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In Open Session

The members of the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors met on Friday, October 7, 2005, in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:           Dr. James Ramsey, Chair
                        Mr. Bob Benson
Prof. Beth Boehm
Ms. Bev Daly
Mr. Burt Deutsch
Mr. Richard Emmett   
Dr. Henry Enck          
Prof. Richard Feldhoff
Mr. Gordon Gahm
Mr. Grant Helman
Dr. J. Blaine Hudson
Mr. D. Harry Jones
Mr. Tom Jurich, ex officio
Prof. Bruce Kemelgor
Prof. Glenda Neely
Mr. Larry Owsley
Mr. Sam Rechter
Mr. Mike Seebert
Prof. Robert Stenger
Mr. Bill Stone (attending for Mr. Owsley B. Frazier)
Prof. Richard Stremel
Prof. Gerald Tolson
Mr. Greg Virgin
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz
Prof. Elaine Wise

Absent:            Ms. Beverly Daly

Prof. Brenda Hart
Dr. George Raque

From the
University:      Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
Mr. Larry Zink
Mr. Kevin Miller
Mr. John Carns
Ms. Julie Hermann
Mr. Gary Friedman
Mr. Kenny Klein
Mr. Marvin Mitchell
Mr. Kyle Moat
Mr. Terry Veleta
Ms. Anne Rademaker
Mr. David Barker
Ms. Kathleen Smith
Ms. Debbie Dougherty

Guests:            Mr. Keith Messmer, CPA, BDK
                        Ms. Mary McKinley, CPA, BDK
I.          Convene Meeting

Having determined a quorum present, Chair Ramsey called the meeting to order at 8:55 a.m.  Dr. Ramsey welcomed new board members Bill Brammell, Annette Schnatter, Gerald Tolson and Greg Virgin.   He also stated that because Mr. Frazier’s health has prevented his participation at this time, Trustee Chair, Chester Porter, asked Mr. Stone to attend on behalf of Mr. Frazier for communication purposes.

II.         Consent Agenda         
      A.        Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes from Regular Meeting, 6/03/05                                                          

B.        From the Finance & Budget Committees

  • Action Item:  Approval of Audited Financial Statements Year Ending June 30, 2005
  • Approval of the Liquidation of Fund from the Hickman Camp Scholarship Endowment
  • Approval of the following Capital Construction Projects:
  • Construct Lacrosse Field on the Algood property
  • Upgrade the Track & Field venues
  • Construct Indoor Baseball Batting facility
  • Upgrade the McDonald’s Soccer field
  • Construct a new football practice field
  • Construct locker and training facilities for Golf
  • Upgrade the Trager Field Hockey facility
  • Replace the scoreboard at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium           

Chair Ramsey read the roll of consent agenda items.  Mr. Seebert made a motion, which Prof. Boehm seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  The motion passed unanimously. 

III.       Report of the Academic Performance Committee                  

Prof. Wise reported since mid-summer, as Faculty Athletics Representative, she has administered the NCAA Coaches Exam to every member of the coaching staffs of all UofL athletics sports. Coaches must pass this exam in order to recruit off campus.  Passing the exam ensures that the coaches are knowledgeable concerning new legislation and all aspects of compliance.   Prof. Wise also visited each team at its first meeting of the year in order to explain the role of the FAR and to promote academic commitment from each student-athlete and team in the spirit of “One University.”  In concert with the Office of Student Services and Athletics Compliance, Prof. Wise certified the eligibility of every student-athlete on every team before the team’s first competition.

The Committee on Academic performance met twice since the last Board of Directors meeting.  The Committee’s work has included the completion of an expanded process to ensure the success of the excused absence policy for university functions; review of a report from the Associate AD for Compliance, and preliminary review of our Athletic Academic Advising services and exit interview results. 

The committee welcomed new members George Raque and Gerald Tolson, as well as Associate Provost Dale Billingsley who now serves as the Provost’s Liaison to Athletics.  Dr. Billingsley has been very involved in the NCAA Certification and brings to this position a commitment to undergraduate education.

Prof. Wise thanked retiring members William Cheadle and Rick Feldhoff and the former Provost’s liaison, Henry Enck, for their dedicated service to the Committee on Academic Performance and to the University’s athletic program’s academic mission.  Chair Ramsey thanked Prof. Wise for the update.

IV.       Action Item:    Election of Officers for 2005-2006    
Chair Ramsey reviewed the recommended slate of officers of the Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc. for 2005-2006.    Prof. Neely made a motion, which Prof. Stenger seconded, to approve the following slate of officers for 2005-06:

                        James R. Ramsey                                Chair
                        Beth Boehm                                         Vice Chair
                        Robert P. Benson, Jr.                          Treasurer
                        Burt Deutsch                                        Secretary
                        Angela D. Koshewa                            Legal Counsel
                        Michael Curtin                                    Assistant Treasurer
                        Kathleen Smith                                    Assistant Secretary

The motion passed unanimously.

V.        Information Item:  Committees for 2005-2006                                               

Chair Ramsey recommended committee assignments for 2005-06.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                        ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE
James R. Ramsey, Chairman                                       Elaine O. Wise, Chair
Robert P. Benson, Jr.                                                  Beth Boehm
Beth Boehm                                                                 Brenda Hart
William Brammell, Jr.                                                Bruce Kemelgor
Burt Deutsch                                                                Glenda Neely
Brenda Hart                                                                 George Raque
Grant Helman                                                              Richard Stremel
Blaine Hudson                                                             Bob Stenger
Elaine O. Wise                                                            Gerald Tolson

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE                                       FINANCE & BUDGET
Mike Seebert, Chair                                                    Robert P. Benson, Jr., Chair
Bev Daly                                                                     Blaine Hudson
Owsley B. Frazier (Bill Stone)                                   Burt Deutsch
Henry S. Enck                                                             Grant Helman
Brenda Hart                                                                 Wade Houston
Gordon Gahm                                                              D. Harry Jones           
Glenda Neely                                                              Bruce Kemelgor
George Raque                                                             Larry Owsley
Annette Schnatter                                                        Sam Rechter 
Richard Stremel                                                          Robert Stenger
Shirley Willihnganz                                                     Gerald Tolson
Elaine O. Wise                                                            Greg Virgin
                                                                                    Elaine O. Wise

VI.       Report of the Athletic Director                                                          

Mr. Jurich reported Kyle Moats joined the Athletic Department in June 2005, after working with Athletics and Nelligan Sports as a shared employee.  Mr. Moats came from Marquette.

Mr. Jurich reported the following updates:

  • Football is nationally ranked
  • At the November 8th football game the University will recognize 252 student-athletes for earning AD Honor Roll status-students who earned a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • Conference USA recognized the women’s golf and men’s basketball for earning the highest GPAs in the conference.
  • Volleyball is ranked 6th nationally, the highest ranking in the University’s history.  UofL will host the Big East Championship games for Volleyball November 18-20. 
  • Field hockey plays Wake Forest tomorrow.  UofL will host the Final Four competition for field hockey. 
  • Men’s golf ranked in the top 25
  • The transition to the Big East Conference has gone smoothly. 
  • The opening ceremony for the Ralph Wright Natatorium was very well attended.
  • Inducting former football coach Howard Schnellenberger into the Hall of Fame and naming the football complex after him was an excellent way to honor the former coach.
  • Basketball begins next week
  • Luckett & Farley began preliminary drawings for expansion of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.  Dan Ulmer has been an excellent point person in this project.  This is a big project and the University is moving cautiously.
  • The Governor’s arena task force met last week. Mr. Jurich will update the Board as progress develops.

In response to Prof. Wise’s inquiry concerning the signs along the interstate as you pass the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, President Ramsey stated that he, Mr. Jurich and Ms. Hermann discussed a need to highlight historic Freedom Hall and 3 or 4 projects are underway.  The safety issue for on and off ramps, appearance around the campus,  and Eastern Parkway traffic are all part of a larger wayfinding, signage and campus beautification project. 

Mr. Virgin congratulated Vice President Jurich and staff for the many projects in progress and the involvement of Student Government Association. 

VII.      Report of the Chair

The Chair had no report.

  • Adjournment


Mr. Benson made a motion, which Prof. Wise seconded, to adjourn the meeting at
9:30 a.m.  The motion passed unanimously.

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