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In Open Session

The members of the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board of Directors met on Friday, October 8, 2004, in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:           Dr. James Ramsey, Chair
                        Mr. Bob Benson
Prof. Beth Boehm
Ms. Bev Daly
Mr. Burt Deutsch
Mr. Richard Emmett               
Prof. Richard Feldhoff
Prof. Brenda Hart
Dr. J. Blaine Hudson
Mr. Tom Jurich, ex officio
Prof. Bruce Kemelgor
Mr. Ryan  McKinley
Prof. Glenda Neely
Mr. Larry Owsley
Mr. Sam Rechter
Ms. Rebeccah Jo Schneider
Mr. Mike Seebert
Prof. Robert Stenger
Prof. Richard Stremel
Prof. Elaine Wise

Absent:            Prof. William Cheadle

                        Dr. Henry Enck
Mr. Owsley B Frazier
Mr. Gordon Gahm
Mr. Grant Helman
Mr. D. Harry Jones
Dr. Shirley Willihnganz

From the
University:      Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
Mr. Larry Zink
Mr. Kevin Miller
Mr. John Carns
Ms. Julie Hermann
Mr. Gary Friedman
Mr. Kenny Klein
Mr. David Barker
Mr. Jeff Spoelker

Ms. Kathleen Smith
Ms. Debbie Dougherty

Guests:            Mr. Jim Carpenter, Deloitte & Touche
                        Ms. Gretchen Newton, Deloitte & Touche
I.          Convene Meeting

Having determined a quorum present, Chair Ramsey called the meeting to order at 8:55 a.m.  Dr. Ramsey welcomed new board members Prof. Beth Boehm, Ms. Bev Daly, Prof. Brenda Hart, Dr. Blaine Hudson, Prof. Bruce Kemelgor, and Ms. Rebeccah Jo Schneider.  He noted the Board also appointed Mr. Gordon Gahm, a major supporter of the athletic department, but Mr. Gahm could not attend.

II.         Consent Agenda         
      A.        Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes from Executive Committee  Meeting, 8/23/04                                    
  • Minutes from Regular Meeting, 6/21/04                                                          

B.        From the Finance & Budget Committees

  • Information Item:  Financial Statements thru June 30, 2004                              
  • Action Item:  Approval of Audited Financial Statements Year Ending June 30, 2004   

Chair Ramsey read the roll of consent agenda items.  Mr. Deutsch requested one correction to the June 21 minutes, i.e., the inclusion of Prof. Cheadle and Mr. Deutsch in the attendance during the Executive Session.  With that correction, Mr. Seebert made a motion, which Prof. Stenger seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  The motion passed unanimously. 

III.       Report of the Academic Performance Committee                  

Prof. Elaine Wise reported the Committee on Academic Performance met twice since her last report to the ULAA Board.  The Committee reviewed the student-athlete Graduation Rate Cohort report for 2003-04 noting steady improvement in retention and graduation rates.  The graduation rate is nearly 56%.

The Committee has also reviewed the Student-Athlete Exit Interview Form and has worked with Marvin Mitchell to expedite the process to ensure student-athletes who leave UofL (by graduation, completing eligibility, transferring, or dropping out) complete the form and return it to the Athletic Department.  In addition, student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in oral interviews with Marvin Mitchell, Julie Hermann, Kevin Miller and the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR).  Data from the exit interviews are used to address issues of concern, to improve the athletic facilities and programs, and to enhance student-athlete welfare.

The Committee responded to several student-athlete concerns.  One that has been problematic is implementation of the University Excused Absence Policy for University Related Functions.  Marvin Mitchell and the Committee are working with the Provost to improve the policy and to be sure that it is universally followed.  The Committee hopes to attend a Student Athlete Advisory Committee meeting in the near future to discuss this policy with members.

Prof. Wise has administered the NCAA Coaches Exam to every coach, including volunteer coaches, over the summer and through the fall.  Coaches must pass this annual exam in order to be able to recruit off campus.  Prof. Wise also gave the coaches a quiz on University Policies and Procedures.  This quiz tries to assure that coaches are informed about and attentive to the academic mission of the University.  In addition, the FAR met with every team at its initial compliance meeting to discuss keys to academic success.  Prof. Wise continues to review every student’s eligibility for participation in his or her sport and to sign eligibility rosters and requests for waivers.

The annual meeting of the Faculty Athletics Representative Association is scheduled for November 11-13, in Washington, D.C.  At Prof. Wise’s request, the five FARs who will be leaving C-USA for the Big East next year were added to the Big East FAR Roster and have been invited to meet with the Big East FAR Council at the annual meeting.  Prof. Wise noted the FARs looked forward to moving to the Big East.  Prof. Wise noted Marvin Mitchell had asked her to participate in a panel for the athletic advisors meeting on October 11 in Louisville.

Prof. Stenger complimented the inclusion of Arts and Sciences Acting Dean Hudson to the membership of the ULAA Board of Directors.   Prof. Wise expressed some concern about final exams that are scheduled during the last week of class rather than during the university’s published examination period, as competitions are arranged so as to avoid the examination period.  She praised  Marvin Mitchell, however, for his facilitation of students’ scheduling needs.  She noted that when instructors deviate from the published University schedule, athletes must take exams during what was supposed to be free time.  This change puts athletes in a difficult position.  Dr. Hudson said he would be glad to work with the Board and the Committee on Academic Performance on issues in Arts & Sciences.  Chair Ramsey thanked Prof. Wise for an excellent report.

IV.       Action Item:    Election of Officers for 2004-2005    
Chair Ramsey reviewed the recommended slate of officers of the Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc. for 2004-2005.    Dr. Ramsey said the Vice Chair of the faculty senate has served well as vice chair vice chair of the ULAA board; Prof. Pierce was vice chair for 2003-04.  Dr. Ramsey would like to continue the practice for another year.  Prof. Wise made a motion, which Prof. Stenger seconded, to approve the following slate of officers for 2004-05:

                        James R. Ramsey                                Chair
                        Beth Boehm                                         Vice Chair
                        Robert P. Benson, Jr.                          Treasurer
                        Owsley B. Frazier                               Secretary
                        Angela Koshewa                                 Legal Counsel
                        Michael Curtin                                    Assistant Treasurer
                        Kathleen Smith                                    Assistant Secretary


The motion passed unanimously.

V.        Action Item:  Committees for 2004-2005                                           

Chair Ramsey recommended committee assignments for 2004-05.  Prof. Kemelgor made a motion, which Prof. Wise seconded, to approve the following committee appointments for 2004-05:

James R. Ramsey, Chairman                           Elaine O. Wise, Chair
Robert P. Benson, Jr.                                      William Cheadle
Wade Houston                                                 Rick Feldhoff
Henry S. Enck                                                 Brenda Hart
Owsley Frazier                                               Bruce Kemelgor
Ryan McKinley                                               Glenda Neely
Beth Boehm                                                     Beth Boehm
Mike Seebert                                                   Richard Stremel
Elaine O. Wise                                                Bob Stenger

Mike Seebert, Chair                                        Robert P. Benson, Jr., Chair
William Cheadle                                             Blaine Hudson
Richard J. Emmett                                           Rebeccah Jo Schneider
Henry S. Enck                                                 Burt Deutsch
Bev Daly                                                         Rick Feldhoff
Owsley Frazier                                               Wade Houston
Gordon Gahm                                                  D. Harry Jones           
Glenda Neely                                                  Bruce Kemelgor
Richard Stremel                                              Larry Owsley
Shirley Willihnganz                                         Sam Rechter
Elaine O. Wise                                                Bob Stenger
Brenda Hart                                                     Elaine O. Wise
The motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Report of the Athletic Director                                                          

Academic Certification

Mr. Jurich reported the NCAA completed its certification process.  Certification is required once every ten years.  He thanked Dr. Billingsley for his excellent work during this accreditation review.   He also expressed his appreciation for the significant campus community’s involvement.



Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium Expansion

Mr. Jurich noted Athletics has completely sold out of season football tickets and suggested a feasibility study for an expansion of PJCS could be a possibility.  He noted it might be advantageous to have 20-24 sky boxes, loge seating, club seating and possibly an additional 12,000 general seats.  This type of expansion would bring the stadium to 58,000 to 60,000 seats.  Already, West Virginia has asked to buy any available seats for their game with UofL.  He observed several BCS schools are good traveling schools that bring large fan support.  

Baseball Groundbreaking

Mr. Jurich reported the Jim Patterson Baseball Stadium groundbreaking took place yesterday.  The stadium creates an excellent southwest anchor for the campus contiguous to a potential Churchill Downs expansion, the new Central Station, and the Hall of Fame Café.  Mr. Jurich recognized the enthusiastic work of President and Mrs. Ramsey, Kathleen Smith and Pete Cautilli for creating the Louisville Legends program with the identity banners and Cardinal Birds insignia.  This program has really brought energy to the campus.


Mr. Jurich briefed the Board on the preparation underway for the Miami game.  Kenny Klein has received numerous publicity requests from the Washington Post , USA Today , and other publications interested in Cardinal athletics.  Coach Petrino has done an excellent job. 

            Fall Sports

Mr. Jurich reported Volleyball has been ranked as high as 15 this Fall.   He acknowledged Julie Hermann as chair of the national committee for volleyball.   UofL will host the NCAA Division I Regional tournament at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Coach Ron Mann has been doing a great job with the men’s and women’s cross country teams and on his way to building a nationally ranked team.

Mr. Jurich reported men’s and women’s soccer teams are off to a great start. 


Mr. Jurich praisd Gary Friedman’s fundraising efforts, noting excellent progress towards his philanthropic goal for the Trager Center.  Mr. Freidman’s target is to complete the fundraising before the holidays.

Fundraising efforts are approximately two-thirds of the way complete for the Swain Student Activities Center addition of new courts, women’s locker room and training facilities.  When the state approves its budget, the University is positioned to move forward with the capital projects.

Mr. Jurich reported Ms. Hermann’s ongoing progressive efforts for the boathouse.  

She is working with David Karem and the City. 

Academic Progress

Mr. Jurich acknowledged the excellent work of Marvin Mitchell and his staff regarding graduation rates.   The University should achieve a 56% graduation rate.  Tis success is unparalleled in the country.  With the NCAA’s new rules and regulations regarding retention rates, Mr. Mitchell and staff are well positioned. 

Big East

Mr. Jurich recently attended planning meetings with the Big East regarding basketball, which will include a 16-game season to play the school’s natural rival twice but all other conference teams once.  Mr. Jurich noted Mr. Miller is monitoring all contractual agreements related to the exit from Conference USA. 

Chair Ramsey thanked Mr. Jurich for an excellent report.

VII.      Report of the Chair

Chair Ramsey acknowledged Mr. Jurich’s and his staff’s commitment in making the baseball stadium a reality.  He recognized the major tradition of baseball in this community, and the new stadium offered a vision for excitement in the South Central Louisville community.  He thanked everyone for their support.

Chair Ramsey observed that football was off to an amazing start and looked forward to the Miami game on October 14.  He asked Mr. Jurich to share with Coach Petrino   his support and praise for the development of the Cardinal team.

  • Adjournment


Mr. Benson made a motion, which Prof. Wise seconded, to adjourn the meeting at
9:16 a.m.  The motion passed unanimously.

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