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In Open Session

The members of the Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc., met on June 21, 2004 at 3:30 p.m. in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:            Dr. James R. Ramsey, Chairman
                        Mr. Bob Benson           
                        Mr. Joseph Beyel
                        Prof. William Cheadle
                        Mr. Burt Deutsch
                        Mr. Richard Emmett                                         
                        Dr. Henry Enck                                    
                        Prof. Richard Feldhoff
                        Mr. Grant Helman
                        Mr. Wade Houston
                        Mr. Tom Jurich, ex officio
                        Mr. Larry Owsley
                        Prof. William Pierce
                        Mr. T. William Samuels, Jr.
                        Mr. Mike Seebert
                        Prof. Richard Stremel
                        Prof. Paul Weber
                        Dr. Shirley Willihnganz
                        Prof. Elaine Wise

Absent:             Mr. Erik Brown
                        Mr. Bill Forman
                        Mr. Owsley Frazier
                        Mr. D. Harry Jones
                        Prof. Glenda Neely
                        Mr. Sam Rechter
                        Prof. Robert Stenger
                        Mr. Michael Sticklen
From the
University:        Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
                        Mr. Mike Curtin
                        Mr. Kevin Miller
                        Ms. Julie Hermann
                        Mr. John Carns
                        Mr. Marvin Mitchell
                        Mr. Kenny Klein
                        Mr. Pete Cautilli
                        Mr. Dave Barker
                        Ms. Susan Ingram
                        Ms. Terri Rutledge
                        Ms. Alicia Clark
                        Mr. Jeff Spoelker
                        Ms. Ann Rademacher
                        Ms. Kathleen Smith
                        Ms. Debbie Dougherty


  • Call to Order          

Having determined a quorum present, Chair Ramsey called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

Consent Agenda

  • Minutes of the meeting, February 3, 2004
  • Minutes of the special meeting, March 4, 2004
  • Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting, April 13, 2004

From the Finance Committee

  • Information Item:  April 30, 2004 Report for Fiscal Year 2003-04
  • Action Item:  Approval of Men’s Basketball Ticket Price Adjustment
  • Action Item:  Approval of Purchase of Rowing Sculls
  • Action Item:  Approval of 2004-05 Operating Budget

Chair Ramsey read the roll of consent agenda items.  Hearing no objection, Prof. Weber made a motion, which Prof. Pierce seconded, to approve the consent agenda.  The motion passed unanimously.  Chair Ramsey acknowledged the Board’s receipt of the April 30, 2004 financial report as information only.

II.         Report of the Committee on Academic Performance

Prof. Wise reported the Committee on Academic Performance met on the third Tuesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. in Bingham Humanities Building, Room 300.  For the 2003-2004 academic year, the Committee met on August 19 and 26, September 16, October 21, November 18, December 16, January 20, February 17, March 16, May 18 , and June 15.  The Committee discussed and acted upon the following:

  • Cohort reports for Summer, Fall and Spring, tracing student-athlete grade point average and retention and graduation rates for the last five years. 
  • Division I Academic Reform and Incentives/Disincentives Reports
  • C-USA Sportsmanship Document
  • C-USA and NCAA Graduation Rates Reports
  • U of L and C-USA Missed Class Time and Academic Impact Reports
  • Spirit Team Responsibilities Report
  • Annual Reports on Athletic Academic Advising and Student Athlete Exit Interviews
  • Annual Report on Compliance Issues and Secondary Violations
  • ULAA Bylaws on the Election and Selection of Faculty to the ULAA Board


Prof. Wise stated the Committee responded to the NCAA Certification Site Committee Recommendation to design a written process for the annual review of Athletic Academic Advising by the Committee on Academic Performance.  The Committee approved the process at its June meeting, and has sent that information to the President and Provost.  In addition, the Committee planned and produced the Red and Black Banquet for Scholar Athletes and their Faculty Mentors, selected the recipient of the C-USA Excellence Award (student-athletes nominated Kim Demling Casteluzzo), and supported efforts by the Athletics Department to publicize the academic successes of our student-athletes.

Among many other activities, the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) met with every  athletic team to discuss strategies for academic success, administered the NCAA Certification Exam to every coach and provided information sessions to coaches on university processes and procedures, discussed graduate and professional school opportunities with seniors, and nominated three student athletes for NCAA Post Graduate Scholarships (two were awarded).  The FAR represented U of L at Faculty Athletics Representative Association Annual Meeting, at three C-USA meetings and at the NCAA Annual Convention.  The FAR also served on the C-USA FAR Council, the C-USA Nominating Committee and the NCAA Core Course Committee.  The FAR has also advised the President and Provost on matters related to athletics, reported monthly to the Faculty Senate, met regularly with the Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Administrator, Associate Athletic Directors and Registrar, and has served on search committees for major positions in the Athletics Department.  

Prof. Wise noted the Committee membership included two members who were retiring.  She welcomed Professors Brenda Hart and Bruce Kemelgor to the Committee.  She noted one additional appointment needed from President Ramsey.

President Ramsey thanked Prof. Wise for her thorough report and diligent work on this committee.

III.       Report of the Personnel Committee

Mr. Samuels reported that earlier this month, the Personnel Committee met to evaluate the 2003-04 performance of Athletic Director Thomas M. Jurich.  The Committee discussed Mr. Jurich’s written self-assessment and the written evaluation of Mr. Jurich’s performance as submitted by the President and the Chairs of the Committee on Finance & Budget and Academic Performance.  Subsequent to the Personnel Committee meeting, Mr. Samuels and Chair Ramsey met with Mr. Jurich to review the results of his performance evaluation and to discuss the Board’s goals and objectives for 2004-05.

The Report of the Committee notes Mr. Jurich’s strengths in recruiting and retaining an outstanding professional staff, from coaches to senior administrators, and engaging the athletic staff to achieve new levels in gender equity, NCAA compliance, and community support for athletic initiatives.  His commitment to enhance the marketing position of the department, especially through the contract with Nelligan Sports Marketing, continues to offer substantial increases in revenues.  The Committee also commended his strong emphasis on academic performance, which was a significant factor affecting the improved attention of athletes toward academic achievement.  The cumulative grade point average of student-athletes was its highest ever. 

The Committee supported the Athletic Director’s efforts to enhance the reputation of UofL Athletics through greater focus on collaboration with senior university administration.  Mr. Jurich’s team approach to management has potential for developing collegial relationships with key unit heads to help advance the University’s overall goals as well as those of intercollegiate athletics.  The Committee congratulates him in following this direction and supports its extension with his staff.

Mr. Samuels noted that as a public institution, the hallmark of a university was accountability throughout its units.  The Committee acknowledged that, as the Athletic Association’s officer responsible for operations, Mr. Jurich has exhibited to the community that UofL Athletics was committed to a structurally responsible budget that projects balanced revenues and expenses and holds itself accountable for achieving these results.  The Committee praised the AD and his staff for their fiscal attentiveness. 

The Committee determined that Mr. Jurich represents the University and Athletics very well before the media.  It is important that the message he continues to communicate is in the best interest jointly of the University and Athletics, and his position reflects his commitment to athletic achievement, academic accomplishment, and accountability in all areas of operation.

            The Board’s goals and objectives for 2004-05, as discussed with Mr. Jurich, follow:

 1.        Under the President's reorganization for "One University," I will lead Athletics Administration to create synergy and partnership on a common agenda and work with Dr. Ramsey to highlight areas where Athletics can be most beneficial in the implementation of university-wide strategic goals.

 2.        To break ground and see construction progress through the year for the Natatorium and the Baseball Stadium.

 3.        To complete the acquisition and installation of the new turf in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium prior to our opening game so we will be able to use the facility as a multi-purpose venue and host the state high school football championships.

 4.        To see the reorganization of our administrative staff come to fruition to strengthen the department even more than where we currently are.

 5.        Begin planning and ultimately finalize fund-raising for the men's and women's basketball practice facility, which will be gender equitable and Title IX compliant.

 6.        Continue to build on our compliance with Title IX and keep working with Lamar Daniel to progress toward our ultimate goal of becoming a national model in gender equity.
 7.        Continue working on the plan to move the football stadium expenses out of the Athletic Department budget.

 8.        To support Marvin Mitchell and his staff every way necessary to continue to improve our academic support services for the student-athletes and improve their overall academic performance and success.

9.         To continue our strong record in the area of compliance by supporting John Carns and his staff in any way possible.

10.       Successfully oversee and explore all options that may become available for conference realignment.

11.       Continue to expand on our partnership with Nelligan Sports Marketing.

12.       Continue to expand on our agreements with adidas and Collegiate Licensing, as well as all our merchandising opportunities. 

Chair Ramsey thanked Mr. Samuels for the Committee’s thorough evaluation and excellent report.

IV.       Report of the Athletic Director

            2004-05 Operating Budget

Mr. Jurich thanked Kevin Miller and Alicia Clark for their hard work preparing the budget proposal. 

            Big East

Mr. Jurich noted the department was poised for the future.  Mr. Jurich was very impressed with the first meeting he attended at the Big East meeting in May.  The other schools embraced UofL.   

Football and Basketball

Coach Petrino generates a lot of excitement for the football program.  The football recruits are both athletically and academically talented.

Mr. Jurich reported recruitment is going very well for the men’s and women’s basketball programs, also.

Women’s Softball

Mr. Jurich noted the women’s softball team did extraordinarily well this year.  They won the conference title, finishing the season with a program-best 41-17 record and the school’s first NCAA appearance in its five year history. 


Mr. Jurich reported on the current national search for a track coach. 


Mr. Jurich reported the natatorium is progressing well.   In July, the University hopes to break ground for the baseball stadium.  The basketball practice facility, which will be adjacent to Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium, is in the midst of fundraising, receiving a $5 million lead gift from Yum!.  The state budget has dampened that project somewhat.  Mr. Jurich noted that Ms. Hermann heads up the boathouse fundraising; he acknowledged the City of Louisville’s and David Karem’s cooperative efforts.  Ms. Herman added that waterfront land valued at approximately $2 million was given to the University.  The land ownership remains in question. 


Mr. Jurich expressed excitement about the academic progress made and thanked Mr. Marvin Mitchell for his team’s continued investment.  Mr. Jurich invited Mr. Mitchell to comment on the progress.  Mr. Mitchell shared the following 2003-04 highlights:
    *      Athletic Directors Honor Roll, GPA of 3.0 or higher for the semester:
                        Fall 2003:  226 student-athletes
                        Spring 2004:  227 student-athletes
                        Represents over 50% of the student-athletes

    *      Women’s Golf had the highest GPA for the 2003-04 school year:  3.50

                        11 Teams had a 3.0 or higher GPA for Fall 2003
                        10 Teams had a 3.0 or higher GPA for Spring 2004

    *      Over 50% of the student-athletes have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA. In Spring
             2000, 35% had a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  This percentage has risen steadily
             since then.

    *      Second highest total of Conference USA Commissioner’s Academic Medal
             recipients:  27

    *      Record number of Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll members:  167
            (This was the second highest in the conference this year.)

    *      Semester GPA is highest ever!

Semester                                   GPA
Fall 1999                                   2.696
Spring 2000                               2.576
Fall 2000                                   2.665
Spring 2001                               2.776
Fall 2001                                   2.819
Spring 2002                               2.824
Fall 2002                                   2.892
Spring 2003                               2.835
Fall 2003                                   2.918
Spring 2004                               2.932

Mr. Mitchell noted with the NCAA academic performance rate’s new standards, staff has been working to incorporate changes and are well ahead of many other institutions across the country.  Prof. Wise added that two UofL students received NCAA post-graduate scholarships (fellowships).  She commended the athletic advising staff for the excellent work they do.  Mr. Jurich noted that 17 of the 19 seniors on the football team graduated on time.  He further noted that when student-athletes transfer, that counts against the originating institution’s graduation rates.  He congratulated Mr. Mitchell and his staff for the tremendous work they do.  Mr. Houston applauded Messrs. Jurich and Mitchell for their dedication to student-athlete academic progress. 

V.         Executive Session

Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(f), Mr. Deutsch made a motion, which Mr. Seebert seconded, to go into executive session at 4:08 p.m.  The motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Open Session Reconvenes

Chair Ramsey reconvened the open session at 4:24  p.m. and reported that the Board discussed a personnel matter.  He noted no action was required. 
VII.      Report of the Chairman

Dr. Ramsey reported the UofL Foundation has launched its web site, its new address is, where it will post information regarding the activities of that board.  Also, the Foundation has authorized the use of an “e-card” to send messages quickly to members in its database.  Dr. Ramsey and Mr. Jurich have discussed the possible use of this “e-card” to communicate the good news in athletics.  Dr.  Ramsey asked board members to watch their e-mails for further notice about the e-card and other important messages. 

VIII.     Adjournment

Mr. Helman made a motion, which Dr. Enck seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 4:28 p.m.  The motion passed unanimously.

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