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In Open Session


The members of the Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc., met on June 3, 2003 in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall with members present and absent as follows:

Present:           Dr. James Ramsey, Chair, Presiding
                        Mr. Robert Benson
                        Ms. Blanche Kitchen Brewer 
                        Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.  ex officio
                        Mr. Erik Brown
                        Mr. Richard Emmett
                        Dr. Henry S. Enck
                        Dr. Richard C. Feldfhoff 
                        Mr. Owsley B. Frazier 
                        Mr. Grant Helman
                        Mr. Wade Houston
                        Mr. Tom Jurich, ex officio
                        Prof. Glenda Neely
                        Mr. Larry Owsley
                        Dr. William Pierce 
                        Mr. Sam Rechter
                        Mr. T. W. Samuels, Jr.
                        Dr. Kenneth Schikler 
                        Mr. Michael Sticklen
                        Prof. Paul Weber 
                        Dr. Shirley Willihnganz
                        Prof. Elaine Wise  

Absent:            Mr. Joseph Beyel
                        Prof. William Cheadle
                        Mr. Bill Forman
                        Dr. Richard Miller
                        Mr. Michael Seebert
                        Prof. Robert Stenger

From the
University:      Ms. Angela D. Koshewa
                        Mr. Kevin Miller
                        Ms. Julie Hermann
                        Mr. Pete Cautilli
                        Coach Lelo Prado
                        Dr. Dale Billingsley
                        Mr. Mike Curtin
                        Ms. Ann Rademaker
                        Ms. Kathleen Smith
                        Ms. Debbie Dougherty

  1. Convene the Meeting                                                  


Having determined a quorum present, President Ramsey called the meeting to order at 11:05 am.  President Ramsey welcomed new board member, Erik Brown.   Mr. Brown is a marketing major at UofL and works at Churchill Downs.  The Board welcomed Mr. Brown with a round of applause. 

Minutes of the Meeting April 15, 2003                                   

Mr. Frazier made a motion, which Professor Wise seconded, to approve the minutes of April 15, 2003.   The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Report of the Committee on Academic Performance


Professor Wise distributed a packet of materials which Conference USA representative Noreen Morris created.  Ms. Morris presented this information to the Athletic Directors, Senior Women Administrators, Faculty Athletic Representatives and to the compliance staff at the Spring Conference USA meeting.  Professor Wise discussed highlights of the presentation:

Initial-Eligibility – Changes Adopted by the NCAA

Effective August 1, 2003

  1. Increase core courses from 13 to 14
  2. Implementation of an extended sliding scale (elimination of the partial qualifier)


Effective August 1, 2008

  1. Increase core courses from 14 to 16
  2. One of the additional core courses must be in mathematics

Professor Wise did not think the increase in core courses should be problematic for UofL student-athletes since most athletes admitted have 17 core courses. 

Continuing Eligibility – For Freshmen Entering on or After August 1, 2003

Percentage of Degree:

  1. 40-60-80% entering 3rd, 4th, and 5th years
GPA Requirement
  1. 90-95-100% of the institution’s GPA required for graduation entering the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (and subsequent) years
  2. Certified on a term-by-term basis


Professor Wise said that in addition to the change in percentage of degree, entering student-athletes must successfully complete six credit hours of degree credit per semester.  Returning athletes will also be required to successfully complete six degree credit hours per semester.  Professor Wise added that the NCAA is studying a package of disincentives for individual teams which fail to pass through a series of filters due to low ARR (Academic Retention Rate) scores. 

President Ramsey thanked Professor Wise for an excellent summary on this important topic.

III.       Report of the Personnel Committee
      Annual Evaluation of the Athletic Director

Dr. Ramsey reported the Personnel Committee met on May 27, 2003 to discuss the performance of the Athletic Director.    Mr. Samuels shared the following report of the ULAA Personnel Committee:

The Personnel Committee met on May 27, 2003 to conduct its annual review of the performance of the Athletic Director (A.D.).  At the request of Chair Samuels, the A.D. briefly reviewed the performance of the Associate A.D.s during the past year.  He was complimentary regarding the senior staff that supports the operations of the Athletic Department.  Included in his review were:  John Carns, Gary Friedman, Marvin Mitchell, Kevin Miller, Pete Cautilli, Kenny Klein, and Julie Hermann.  He praised his administrative team as the best in the nation, and added that he would like to reorganize to include Kenny Klein and Pete Cautilli as Associate Athletic Directors.  Additionally, Mr. Jurich indicated that he would elevate Julie Hermann and Kevin Miller to Senior Associate A.D.s and make Brian Hicks and Christine Simatacolos, in the Peers Center, Assistant A.D.s.  The Personnel Committee supported the proposed reorganization and will recommend its authorization to the ULAA Board of Directors at its meeting in June.

The Committee discussed with Mr. Jurich his written self-assessment of his performance goals for 2002-03.  Increased collaboration with university administration on substantive issues, improved fundraising for athletic projects, e.g., natatorium, boat house, baseball stadium, etc., an exemplary culture of compliance, and significant results in academic student accomplishment were notable achievements during the past year.  The Committee also praised the tactical actions of the A.D. to position the University to be competitive in current sports while strategically poised to respond to conference affiliation issues as they arise.  The Faculty Athletic Representative noted the investment in the Peers Center and the support of the A.D. has encouraged students to flourish.  The Committee on Academic Performance is very pleased with the student-athletes’ results influenced by the Academic Advising staff, and this success will affect their recommendation on the long term placement of this unit.

Under the new leadership of Dr. Ramsey, the A.D. has demonstrated fiscal responsibility in the development and execution of the operating budget.  He and his staff have moved the Department more quickly than originally planned toward a structurally responsible budget with balanced revenues and expenses and have developed excellent working relationships with the University budget staff.  His contracting with Nelligan Sports Marketing has reaped significant benefit to the University beyond revenues, and his dedication to Title IX, gender equity, academic performance and a culture of compliance has served as exemplary leadership issues for other institutions.  Mr. Jurich’s direct and frequent communication, his commitment to ethical behavior, and his devotion to achievement on and off the playing field have made his performance this past year outstanding. 

The Personnel Committee endorsed Mr. Jurich’s proposal, and Mr. Benson made a motion, which Professor Wise seconded, to approve the following personnel recommendations

Change in Status:

Julie Hermann to Senior Associate Athletic Director
Kevin Miller to Senior Associate Athletic Director
Bryan Hicks to Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services
Christine Simatocolus to Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
Pete Cautilli to Associate Athletic Director
Kenny Klein to Associate Athletic Director

The motion passed unanimously.  Athletic Director Jurich congratulated the staff on their well-deserved promotions.

Mr. Jurich shared his goals for 2003-04 (revised copy attached).  He sought input from the Board members before finalization.  President Ramsey stated the Personnel Committee’s evaluation and the Goals are for information and do not require action from the Board. 

  1. Report of the Finance Committee                                           


Mr. Benson reported that most of the board members attended the Finance & Budget workshop on May 27 where Mr. Miller presented a thorough overview of the 2003-04 operating budget.  Mr. Miller will remain after the meeting if anyone would like to discuss the April 30 report on fiscal year 2002-03. 

Action Item:  Approval of Men’s Basketball Ticket Price Adjustment


Mr. Benson acknowledged the detailed review of this action item at the Finance & Budget Committee meeting held earlier this morning.  With the support and recommendation of the Finance & Budget Committee, Mr. Benson made a motion, which Dr. Enck seconded, to approve the

Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board of Directors approve for Men’s Basketball a season ticket package increase from $365 to $398 per package.

The motion passed unanimously.

Action Item:  Approval of Proposal for Artificial Surface


Mr. Benson recognized the comprehensive discussion of this recommendation at the Finance & Budget Committee meeting, which most board members attended. Mr. Benson made a motion, which Dr. Enck seconded, to approve the

Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board of Directors approve up to $1,625,000 to purchase and install artificial turf at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, a football practice field and a new baseball stadium.

The motion passed unanimously.

Action Item:  Approval of the 2003-04 Operating Budget


Mr. Benson acknowledged Mr. Miller’s presentation of the 2003-04 Operating Budget at the Finance & Budget Workshop and the Finance Committee meeting.  Mr. Benson made a motion, which Ms. Brewer seconded to approve the

Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board of Directors approve the 2003-04 Operating Budget for the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc. in the form attached (copy attached).

The motion passed unanimously.  President Ramsey said that starting in Fall 2002 he and AD Jurich began meeting with Mr. Miller and Mr. Curtin to review issues related to the operating budget.  President Ramsey thanked Messrs. Miller and Curtin for their excellent work and continued updates. 

  1. Action Item:  Approval of the NCAA Self-Study                   


Chairman Ramsey asked Dr. Dale Billingsley to update the Board on the self-study project.  Dr. Billingsley led this effort, which involved the entire campus community.  Dr. Ramsey recognized Dr. Billingsley’s and the Committee’s excellent job. 

Dr. Billingsley acknowledged the tremendous amount of work carried out by the approximately 70-member committee.  He expressed sincere appreciation for the regular and timely support of Athletic Director Jurich and his administration, President Ramsey, and Kevin Miller.  Dr. Billingsley thanked the Board for its support of this project.

Dr. Billingsley reported the NCAA requires Division I schools to undergo the certification process to assess following operating principles.  He noted the process involved two components.  The first was a retrospective analysis of work done since the last certification.  In 2014, the University will undergo the certification process again. 

Dr. Billingsley confirmed that the University was in substantial conformity for all four principles of the NCAA Operating Principles and believed the Athletic Association should be formally praised.

The second component of the certification report covered plans for improvement in the operating principles, a prospective approach for moving forward for the next 5 - 10 years.  Dr. Billingsley noted that the Athletic Director’s goals reiterate the plans within the certification.  Because the University is in substantial conformity, it was not required to make plans in any area except gender and minority equity, which the NCAA requires of every institution.   Dr. Billingsley reported the inclusion of plans for those areas:  Academic Integrity and Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance.  In the area of Fiscal Integrity, no improvements were needed.  Within the two subdivisions of Operating principles:  Equity, Welfare, Sportsmanship and Ethical Behavior:  Minority Equity, there were no proposals for further action.

Dr. Billingsley said that with respect to Governance and Commitment to Rules, under President Ramsey’s ONE university proposal, ULAA and the Athletic Department have mission statements fully aligned with the University’s strategic plan.  The University is currently proceeding toward that goal. 

Dr. Billingsley indicated there are a few details to complete and he hoped to present the completed self-study to the Board of Trustees on June 12.  The NCAA requires governing bodies adopt the action plans within the self-study.

President Ramsey said the action item concerning the self-study allows the ULAA board to accept the report, and authorizes the Executive Committee to approve the final draft prior to its submission to the Board of Trustees.  Mr. Helman made a motion, which Mr. Houston seconded, to approve the 


The Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board of Directors accept the substance of the 2002-2003 NCAA Self-Study which has been discussed with the Board of Directors and further that the Board approve the following resolution:

That it is hereby resolved that the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall act to approve the final written document to be submitted to the NCAA.

            The motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Report of the Athletic Director

NCAA Self-Study

Athletic Director Jurich thanked Dr. Billingsley for the exceptional job with the NCAA Self-Study. 


Athletic Director Jurich expressed his desire to complete work on the natatorium.  The University boasts a world-class coach, and the natatorium is needed to compete on a national level.   He hoped to break ground soon. 


Athletic Director Jurich said this project was a high priority.  Current plans with the waterfront development group are underway.  He acknowledged Mr. Friedman’s fundraising efforts.  Mr. Jurich said he and Dr Ramsey were among the spectators when UofL’s rowing team raced against Murray; it became a Derby event with approximately 700 in attendance. 

Football & Basketball

Football and Basketball are preparing for the upcoming season.  The schedules include many Saturday games.  The TCU game is the only road game on ESPN.  Coach Petrino has earned the respect of his student-athletes.   Mr. Jurich expressed optimism about the football program. 

Coach Collen has gotten off to a great start to build the women’s basketball program. 


Coach Pitino was off and running with a recent caravan to Elizabethtown which was well attended.  The Coach plans additional caravans to Lexington and Huber’s in Indiana.  Mr. Jurich updated the Board on the Athletic Department’s marketing outreach program to Southern Indiana.


Mr. Jurich expressed excitement about the academic progress made and thanked the coaches for making academics a priority, and Marvin Mitchell for his team’s continued investment. 

2003-04 Operating Budget

Mr. Jurich thanked Kevin Miller and Alicia Clark for their hard work preparing the budget proposal. 

Baseball Stadium

Mr. Jurich recognized Lelo Prado as the only coach at UofL who has earned the title National Coach of the Year.  Coach Prado brings a lot of acclaim to the University.  Mr. Jurich expressed desire to build a baseball stadium on or very near the campus.  He chronicled the history of building a new baseball stadium and was optimistic about the site on the American Air Filter property.  Faulkner and Associates have helped devise creative ways to develop Central Avenue.  As the University continues to build dormitories on Third and Fourth Streets, placing the baseball stadium at the corner of Third and Central creates a great access for our students.  Mr. Benson concurred this project has been long in coming and made the motion, which Mr. Helman seconded, to approve the

The Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board of Directors authorize the expenditure of up to $200,000 per year for a lease of property on which to construct a baseball stadium.

With Mr. Sam Rechter abstaining, the motion passed.  Coach Prado thanked Athletic Director Jurich and the Board.  Coach Prado expressed enthusiasm for the baseball program.  He acknowledged last year’s team as the first time in UofL’s history to go to the regionals; he also said it was the third year in a row that the baseball team had more than 32 wins.  Coach Prado thanked the ULAA Board of Directors for its support in approving the new turf and the new stadium. 

  VII.    Report of the Chair                 

Due to the length of the meeting, Dr. Ramsey had no report. 
Dr Ramsey introduced Ms. Lisa McMillan.  Ms. McMillan was one of the University’s outstanding student-athletes who played softball.  She just completed her final season of eligibility and will complete her marketing degree in December 2003.  Ms. McMillan served on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the NCAA Certification Committee.  Ms. McMillan is interning at Mr. Frazier’s office.  Ms. McMillan said she was learning a lot from Mr. Frazier and appreciates the opportunity to intern with him. 

VIII.     Executive Session
Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1) (c), Dr. Willihnganz made a motion, which Prof. Wise seconded, to go into executive session to discuss possible litigation.  The motion passed unanimously.

IX.       Open Meeting Reconvenes                                                                 

President Ramsey reported that the Board discussed possible litigation during the executive session. 

X.        Adjournment

Professor Weber made a motion, which Dr. Enck seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 12:28 p.m.


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