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“Showing the love” to academic standouts

by Smith,Ukiah last modified Jun 23, 2009 02:57 PM

Touching the lives of all Kentuckians

At UofL we are working hard to increase the number of college graduates in Kentucky and prevent the “brain drain” that causes us to lose some of the brightest high school students to other states. We’re doing this while ensuring that a degree from UofL really means something special and making certain that our students are fully prepared for the workplace demands of the 21st century. We are moving ahead on several fronts:

  • We have raised admissions standards three times in the last few  years; expanded our honors program; and increased the number of full academic scholarships for outstanding students.
  • We have recently raised the bar for what faculty members are  expected to teach and students are required to learn, focusing on critical  thinking and real-world experiences.
  • We've added dorm space and activities so that students can get the  full college experience; today, 64 percent of freshmen live on campus.
  • We created the Cardinal Covenant award for students from Kentucky families at the lowest end of the income scale to make UofL more accessible  to all Kentuckians.

Academic scholarships awarded from UofL to this year's freshmen

   U of L awarded more than $5.4 million in merit-based scholarships to 784 new freshmen and community-college transfer students. These include:

  • 155 to Governors Scholars and 15 to students from Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Nine Grawemeyer scholarships, full-tuition, room, board, books and research opportunities for students with minimum 32 ACT score and 3.75 or higher GPA
  • 25 to National Merit Scholars and one to a National Achievement Scholar
  • 25 students guaranteed entrance to U of L schools of medicine, law and dentistry
  • 77 Hallmark  scholarships, full tuition and other assistance for   students with minimum 30 ACT score
  • 32 to transfer students from Kentucky Community and Technical College System
  • 10 McConnell scholarships,  full tuition for outstanding students   who are interested in public service (minimum 24 ACT score)
  • 169 Cardinal Covenant scholarships, covers all college expenses   for students from families at 150 percent of the federal poverty level or   below (including Pell grants, etc.)

Total UofL scholarships and grants*

  • From U of L, not including state, federal or other outside sources (and not including athletics):   $19 million
  • From all sources (not including athletics):   $53 million
  • Additional tuition waivers : $5.3 million
  • Athletic scholarships and assistance not included in total:  $6.2 million

*These figures are from 2006-07, the last year for which we have full information available

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