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Accountability & Sustainability

by Smith,Ukiah last modified May 21, 2014 05:37 PM

Touching the lives of all Kentuckians

More than ever, University of Louisville is showing accountability in all that it does.

But what exactly do we mean by accountability?

Clearly, the university is accountable for educating tomorrow’s leaders. But it is accountable in many other ways, too.

UofL is accountable when it spends tax and tuition dollars wisely, protects and improves the environment, creates community partnerships, supports cultural and artistic endeavors, helps businesses succeed, builds healthier communities and promotes research and medical breakthroughs.

Nearly every Kentucky citizen has been affected by a program or initiative that had its beginnings at UofL. Our university is making the Commonwealth a better place to live, work and enjoy life.

That’s what we mean by accountability.

Investing in our future

Being a good citizen helps all Kentuckians, saves money and improves education

The University of Louisville is investing in Kentucky's future by investing in our students.

Since 2002 UofL has generated nearly $35 million in recurring and one-time budget reductions. This is on top of a $21 million reallocation by the university that occurred three years earlier.

Our goal is to remain a fiscally, socially responsible institution — one that is a good citizen to the residents of our city and state, and a smart investment, too.

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